The 33 things you need to do in Vienna this weekend

June 17, 2018

Everything you need
to do in Vienna this
weekend – 30 event tips

June 17, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 33 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:



Europe’s largest free festival on the island

Donauinstelfest 2018

When: FRI–SUN, June 22–24, 10am–11pm
Where: Donauinsel
Entry: free!

600 hours of musical performances will make up the biggest free music festival in Europe in June, with popular performers such as Portugal. The Man, Antilopen Gang and Konstantin Wecker taking to the stages, this one should be a good one. Prepare yourself for days of eating garlic Langos, drinking beer you illegally purchased from your dancing neighbour, and endlessly queuing up to pee. And you can bring your granny too, there’s plenty on the programme for both old and young. This festival – you either love it or hate it.  Have a look of our list of the music acts not to miss here, and check the detailed programme, here.

To get there you’ll need to… hop on a CityBike and bike to the Donauinsel.
This festival is special because… it’s Europe’s biggest free festival, and it’s in Vienna. Woot Woot!

Recommended if you like: free concerts, celebrating life with like-minded sweaty people, day drinking, day drugging, party party party, festivals that keep you out for three days in a row, all kinds of music genres in one place, free music festivals, having a break at a Döner stand and then heading to the next party, having the insides of your ear licked

A beach party

Disco Beach ♛ Freitags im Juni 2018 ♛ VCBC

When: FRI, June 22, 8pm
Where: Vienna City Beach Club
Entry: free!

If you’re looking for a beach party on a Friday night, Vienna City Beach Club has got you covered! Every Friday, you’ll find a Disco Beach raging on the sands of this chilled bar by the river. Dance away into the night to Pop songs while enjoying one (or more) drink(s).

Recommended if you like: summer days, wearing your bikini or board shorts to a party, marinating yourself in large quantities of alcohol, wearing your sunglasses at night, parties in unique locations, summer cocktail sipping by the water, gin and tonic, laughing like a fat man, being barefoot most of summer

Eat, drink, dance and repeat the last 2

Summer of food

When: FRI, June 22, 6pm
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: free!

The waterside club, with the underground club kind of reputation, will return with its event Summer of Food, which combines 2 of the best things in life – a solid party and tasty food! A raft of restaurants and eateries will be popping up at Grelle Forelle’s outside terrace where they’ll be serving up their flavoursome dishes while some DJs get the party started. The atmosphere is always spot on at these warm up events when the weather is fine, so be sure to catch this Friday’s edition… and no leaving before 6am the next day!

Recommended if you like: slapping people in the face with Frankfurters, dirty love-making in dirty public toilets, street food, summer days by the canal, summer cocktail sipping by the water, gin and tonic, laughing like a fat man, being barefoot most of summer

WUK filly with football fever with their open air screenings

FM4 WM-Quartier 2018

When: June 14 – July 15
Where: WUK
Entry: free!

Inside the red-bricked walls of the WUK’s courtyard, you’ll have the chance to watch every single game of the FIFA World Cup, starting this Tuesday. This public Viewing, hosted by the sex FM4 crowd, will take place no matter the weather  (they’re prepared for an indoors or outdoors screening), and in HD. It’ll be free, but you need to make sure that you’ll show up early enough to get a good seat with a view. Plus, there will be food, and cold drinks, plenty of shouting at the screen and a great atmosphere to accompany your viewing. 

Recommended if you like: a lot of beer, football, being amidst football fever, pretending to know what ‘offside’ means, swearing, rooting for the obvious losers, biting football players, beer gardens in apartment courtyards, yelling random things at a screen just because

World Cup Public Viewing in Vienna

The FIFA World Cup 2018

When: June 14 – July 15
Where: Various locations in Vienna offer Public Viewing
Entry: watch it for free!

The 21st FIFA World Cup has begun in Russia, and even though we, aka Austria, won’t be participating, we’re sure you’ve got another team to root for! There are plenty of places around Vienna where you can watch the game while enjoying good food and good drinks. Our tip: you gotta’ show up early to some of those places.

Here’s our list of the best public viewing spots around Vienna.

Recommended if you like: a lot of beer, pretending to know what ‘offside’ means, swearing, rooting for the obvious losers, biting football players, beer gardens in apartment courtyards, being socially active, yelling at the screen for no particular reason

A big Swedish picnic in the name of the Summer Solstice

Midsommar + Open Stage im Auer-Welsbach-Park

When: SAT, June 23, 2pm–7pm
Where: Auer–Welsbach–Park
Entry: Free

There will be a big-ass picnic happening in the lovely 15th district park, the Auer-Welsbach-Park in the name of the Summer Solstice, and the IKEA Grätzlfest. If you’re not sure what the big deal about the summer solstice is, well give it a google. The main things you need to know for this event is that it’s a big deal in Sweden, and there will  gathering of picnickers (dust off that basket!) happening in the park. You can also join in and participate in a range of activities, such as flower crown making and other games and performances (find more info, here).

Recommended if you like: picnics, celebrating  the Summer Solstice, flower crowns, small stages, open air stages, daisy chains, the red and white checkers of a picnic basket, ice cream, being Swedish, barefoot in the grass

Early yoga session in a temple

Good Morning Yoga im Volksgarten

When: FRI, June 22, 7:30am–8:30am
Where: Theseutempel, Volksgarten
Entry: 15€ (Sign up here)

This one is for the early bird yogis, as the yoga teacher, Alexia, is inviting you to rise and shine, mo’fo’s! We weren’t even sure if this hour of the day existed until now, but it clearly does. Alexia will put you through your paces during this hours yoga session and have you awake in no time, saluting the sun and breathing in the good clean air before most of Vienna is even aware the day has started.

Recommended if you like: early starts, getting your exercise done and out the way before the world awakes, saluting the sun in the morning, doing yoga in weird locations, yoga in a temple… sort of, doing the downward dog, being as flexible as a 14-year-old-boy

The start of a workshop series


When: FRI–SUN, June 22–24, 4pm–8pm
Where: Brunnenpassage
Entry: TBA

Over the course of the next few weeks, the Brunnenpassage will be running a series of photography courses. This weekend will see the first instalment when they invite all interested participants to take part and learn how they can tell their story through the medium of photography, whether it be through Street or Performance-related photography. The result of which will be displayed in an exhibition, later in the year.

Recommended if you like: photography, learning a new skill, improving an old one, street photography, actually using that camera you forked out a huge amount for, pro teachers, hanging out in the 16th, Yppenplatz, Brunnenmarkt

Workshop: Learn how to live off the land


When: FRI, June 22, 6pm–8pm
Where: Sonnentor
Entry: 25€ (register here)

The last in a monthly series of these walks will see Angela and Gerlinde take their a bunch of people up into the Ottakring–Steinhofgründe area looking for edibleherbs. On the tour, they will teach you how to recognise wild herbs that you can use in recipes and as natural remedies, when to pick them, and what you can use them for – you know – just in case the zombie apocalypse happens and we all have to go rogue and live off the fat of the land.

Recommended if you like: herbs, ‘erbs, being totally prepared for the zombie apocalypse, living off the fat of the land, reconnecting with your inner hunter gatherer, tours that even locals should do, saving money through foraging

Happy hour in the 7th district

After-Work in der Tastery 1+1 Gratis

When: FRI, June 22, 3pm–5pm
Where: Tastery
Entry: Free

We don’t know who Tastery’s friends are, but we want their jobs  (finishing work at 3pm on a Friday to make it to this happy hour, yes please!). If you’re counted as one of these lucky few who finish work so early on a Friday, the team at Tastery are offering a buy one get one free deal on beer and lemonade so you can start the weekend off cheaply and amidst good vibes, This is a great chance to check this relatively new place out if you haven’t yet!

Recommended if you like: skipping out of the office mega early on a Friday for a ‘meeting’, happy hours, bogof deals, getting a head start on the Friday night session, hanging out in Schanigärten

Fashion shopping and brunch – the perfect combo

Fashion Flohmarkt

When: SAT, June 23, 3pm–8pm
Where: Cafe Telegraph
Entry: Free

Not only will there be stands selling fashion at the cosy Telegraph Cafe this Saturday, but there will also (and more importantly in our eyes) be a special late Brunch happening. All this cafe’s usual famous offerings will be there to make sure you are fully fuelled to face the rest of your weekend and a spot of shopping.

Recommended if you like: being fashionable, mini markets, bruncheoning while shopping, people watching while you brunch, avocado on pancakes, pancakes on avocados, spritzers for breakfast, reading the Telegraph newspaper at cafe Telegraph

Label showcase and out door party

Salon Magika Gutzeit Showcase w/ coss, Sarah Wild & Tom Eichh.

When: FRI, June 22, 4pm–6am
Where: Das Werk
Entry: TBA

The summer is really a time to test your stamina at parties, isn’t it just. Another week, another marathon party this Friday. This time, this fun and games are at Das Werk, where a party will begin outdoors before moving inside at 10pm for an evening of Gutzeit, a label whose many talents will be on display throughout the evening, and it will all be headed up by Coss, who you can check out below…

Recommended if you like: intelligent Dance music (whateveer that means), the grungy settings of dasWerk, opener parties, getting all your partying done before midnight, 14 hours of dancing, marathon dancing

German Techno pumping out on a stellar sound system

Pan-Pot All Night Long | TURBO

When: FRI, June 22, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 14€ here, or 15€ on the door

The Berlin-based duo seem to be marathon-ers (we’re not sure if this is a word, but we’re going to leave it in there anyway!), as they appear to be without support and the tour title suggests they will go ‘all night long’ (try saying that again, this time without singing it). The duo are fast risers in the ranks of EDM DJs and have crowds gyrating to the House and Techno sounds that they continuously dish out.

Recommended if you like: German DJs, German Techno, big old parties with big old DJs, pan-pots, Techno House, EDM, savage bass and heavy drops, sessions, the hobo sheek vibes of Grelle Forelle, shiny trout, doing the big fish dance move, the salmon

Free Hip Hop party

Black Friday 11.5. /// Free Entry /// Hip Hop, Rnb

When: FRI, June 22, 11pm–6am
Where: Roxy Music Club
Entry: Free

The monthly party continues this Friday at Roxy as they once again get ready to shake some booty. With the DJs pushing all the Hip Hop and RnB classics, as well as the latest Dancehall vibes (all carefully interlaced with more recent bangers) this should make for a lot of very sweaty dancing. Sexy as you like.

Recommended if you like: all the genres mentioned above, shaking your booty, twerking, only going to the gym to work on your arse, free parties, partying in the fourth, Drake, Lil Wayne, LL Cool J

The after party to the Drum and Bass stage at the Donauinsel

Mainframe&Friends – Eutopia Stage Dif18 + Afterparty@FLEX

When: FRI, June 22, 8pm–6am
Where: Flex
Entry: 10€ < 12am > 15€

Infamous for their Drum and Bass parties, the collective Mainframe is pulling out all the stops (as always) this Friday. Hosting a stage with some friends at the Donauinselfest is some big deal, and to make sure the party continues, they’ve also organised an after party at flex. Follow your ear drums…

Recommended if you like: Drum and Bass, having your ear drums blown by numerous different DJs, going to the free festival then continuing the party, all day raves, messing about by the river, getting by with a little help from your friends

Japanese cult film hits the screen 

Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland (Hayao Miyazaki) im FiLMHAUS

When: SAT, June 23, 2pm–4pm
Where: Filmhaus Kino am Spittelberg
Entry: 8€ available here

One of the most successful films to come out of Japan, and definitely a favourite amongst all Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki fans, Spirited Away (English title) follows the story of a 10-year-old girl who is searching for her parents in a fantasy land. It is a cult classic, and they’re giving it a second showing at the arthouse cinema, the Filmhaus, because the first round sold out so quick, so don’t hang about!

Recommended if you like: Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki, Anime films, Fantasy adventures, Alice in Wonderland esq themes, the train scene, Arthouse cinema, culture and stuff out of Japan

A fully-packed and diverse day for the kids out in Seestadt

Kasper Kinderkunstfestival

When: SAT, June 23, 10am–8pm
Where: Aspern Seestadt
Entry: Free

Welcome to Suburbia… we’re talking Seestadt – with this fully-packed kiddie festival happening out in Seestadt, there’s never been a better reason to get out there. Enticing form all the family. this festival programme starts with a picnic and carries on to include everything from hairdressing to architecture through to dance and music. In cooperation with almost every children’s event location in Vienna, this day is almost guaranteed to be something that exhausts.. we mean excites… yeah, excites your little ones!

Recommended if you like: day trips with the wee snot factories, dealing with glitter all over the house, getting your hair done finally, feeding their little imaginations with everything, making them dance, embarrassing them with dance, Kasper… whoever he is.

A festival that will probably make you go WOW

Wow! Signal Festival 2018

When: FRI–SAT, June 22–23, 7pm–12am
Where: Metro Kinokulturhaus
Entry: TBA

‘Wow,’ will probably be the word that will escape your lips if you attend this very special festival. Whether it’s meant in a good way, or a genuinely shocked way this is yet to be seen. This experimental music/film and visual art festival will definitely tick the experimental box. With everything from musicians to sleep walking non-twins (A-Whaaaaat?!), it will definitely leave you with your jaw on the floor. Check out the program, here.

Recommended if you like: art, experimental art, film, video and light, weird and wonderful festivals, saying wow in as many different ways as possible, questioning art, having art question you, wondering what you are doing with your life, finally finding out what exactly experimental art is

A party with loads of soul on the hill

SoulSugar SommerSause Cobenzl

When: SAT, June 23, 2pm–5am
Where: Cafe Luftschloss Cobenzl
Entry: 5€ < 4pm, 10€ < 9pm > 13€ (8€ available at Jugendinfo)

As always at this castle cafe in the sky above Vienna, the pure duration of the event makes it more like a Saturday festival. With activities, such as a Lindy Hop workshop, and a Kiddy disco happening on top of a big DJ line-up and food trucks, this should be a cracker of a day. This Saturday the flavour of the music will be Soul, Latin, Funk and Swing, meaning get your dancing shoes on if you make the trek out here (looks like it will be well worth it)

Recommended if you like: all the musical genres mentioned above, 15-hours of party, Saturdays at festivals, taking the whole family out to see how the little ones cope with festival vibes as training for a real festival, parties with a view, parties in old castles, Soul, Funk, Latino music

There’s nothing like a Pratersauna pool party

COSMIC Pool Party – FLOW Festival Special mit Avalon

When: SAT, June 23, 2:30pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: 14.80€ (available here) or 15€ < 5pm > 18€

The special guests at this 16-hour rave include the British Artist Avalon, who will be playing not one, but two sets. In honour of it being the first (official) pool party of the summer at Pratersauna, the British Trance DJ will do one set under the glorious sky by the pool, and a second once the moon has risen in the sweaty confines of the club. Have a listen to Avalon below.

Recommended if you like: Trance, Psychedelic, Electric Cool Aid Acid Test, dancing by a pool, the Copacobana, Psy–Trance, Pool parties, opening parties (sort of) dancing for 16hours straight instead of getting a gym membership

Unleash your inner Hippy for a day

Rotunde Rodeo in der CREAU

When: SAT, June 23, 4pm–2am
Where: Creau
Entry: TBA

Waiting at the stables this weekend for you is a Saturday jam-packed with activities and live musicacts. With art and performances from a variety of acts, including an erotic reading and boxing in the dark, as well as performances, inside and out, from 14 different musical acts, there is plenty for all to be entertained. You can even bring the football nuts, as they will be showing the World Cup, as well…

Recommended if you like: dancing the whole day, table tennis tournaments, the more artsy sort of festival, going full hippy, partying in the stables, rodeos mini golf, entertaining the wee ones with lots of activities (and trying to keep them away from the erotic reading, glitter

Start the weekend right!

Morning Yoga im Augarten

When: SAT, June 23, 9:30am–11am
Where: Augarten (by the restaurant decor–augarten)
Entry: Pay as you wish (10€ recommended)

Kick the weekend off in a healthy fashion this Saturday with some Yoga with Audrey in the delightful setting of the Augarten. Under the imposing features of the war tower, she will take you through an hour and a half of Vinyasa flow (in English) yoga, helping you clear a week’s worth of troubles from your mind and body so you can fully live the weekend.

Recommended if you like: getting up early on a Saturday, making the most of your weekends, Yoga outdoors, wearing yoga pants every day, Yoga in English, not having to pay through the nose for a yoga session, happy with the risk it may turn into bikram yoga if its hot enough

Vienna’s open air designer market 

WAMP Designmarkt im MQ, June 23

When: SAT, June 23, 11am–7pm
Where: In front of the Museumsquartier
Entry: Free!

The WAMP continues this Saturday as they keep spoiling us with this tidy little designer market (although not as regularly as we would like). WAMP brings a whole bunch of Eastern European and local designers together in a great atmosphere in front of Vienna’s MQ. There’s also usually a few food trucks supplying some tasty street food for the market-goers.

Recommended if you like: looking like an original, discovering what design is happening East of Vienna, food truck sandwiches, wearing a tote bag, never leaving the 7th district, beatboxing in the shower

The Grill and chill party in the regal location

Grill’n’Chill Latino Party

When: SAT, June 23 19, 5pm–10pm
Where: Imperial Riding School Renaissance Hotel Wien
Entry: Free

Salsa and Bachata your way into Saturday night with a free dance party happening at some fancy hotel in Vienna. As well as DJs, and free entry, there will also be tasty treats being grilled up (although we are not entirely sure of the wisdom of stuffing yourself silly with grilled stuff before dancing) and a free salsa dance class for the early birds. Sounds like a plan, if you ask us!

Recommended if you like: Latin American culture, serious salsa, the Tango, cocktails, being a struggling dancer that lives for the movement, being attracted to men/women with dark coloured eyes and dark hair, BBQs

A few nights of tribute to a legendary Flamenco artist

Fiesta Flamenca 18 Lorca, el poeta

When: SUN–MON, June 24–25, 6:30pm–9pm
Where: Theatre Odeon
Entry: 23€/20€/17€ depending on your discount, available here

Celebrating the work of the master of flamenco, Federico Garcia Lorca… yup we didn’t know him before this either, buuuut, apparently he was somewhat of a big deal. Before his untimely death, he was renowned for the way he spun stories, drama and composition in his flamenco performances. This Sunday and Monday, a dance troupe will perform some of his work in a homage to the great man.

Recommended if you like: trailblazers, flamenco, poets on stage, poets of dance, The Myth of Lorca, people who somehow manage to pass into legend, homage to a legend, anything Latin American

Sunday session on a terrace over the Donaukanal

Toxic Garden – Sonntags am Kanal

When: SUN, June 24, 4pm–10pm
Where: Klyo Bar
Entry: Free

Klyo will be hosting a new Sunday party this summer, during which they will change face and become something greater and more powerful than ever before (judging by the title of this event!). On Sundays, they will become, The Toxic Garden, that rides with the motto, ‘a Sunday well spent brings a week of content’, meaning they want you to have a banger. The DJ Line-ups will be announced weekly with some Viennas up-and-comers definitely hitting the decks. On this particular Sunday, it will be Oliver Rottman from the Heimlich collective.

Recommended if you like: silly Sundays, partying on Sundays because nothing says I don’t give a fudge than doing it, hungover Mondays, dancing with the flowers, being away with the fairies, partying on a school nights, chilled drinks waterside

The mysterious street photographer and Austria

Vivian Maier & Stefanie Moshammer

When: May 29 – August 19
Where: Westlicht
Entry: 8€ (5€ students)

WestLicht is currently hosting two exhibitions featuring two very talented female photographers. The work from the late street photographer out of the US, Vivian Maier, experiencde extreme popularity after hundreds of her photographs were discovered a few years ago. Meanwhile, the Austrian artist, Stefanie Moshammer’s latest work portraying her home country will be also featured alongside the overnight success. Stefanie’s photo series is  entitled ‘Therese’. Both exhibitions will be running until August 19.

Recommended if you like: exploring photography, art mingling, watching historical documentaries on the couch while only wearing a bathrobe, wearing striped pyjamas to bed, Sunday strolling through museums, practising your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art

Exhibition with augmented reality: Unrest After The Storm, by Günter Brus

Günter Brus – Unruhe nach dem Sturm

When: February 2 – August 12
Where: 21er Haus
Entry: 8€ (6€ students)

He’s one of the pioneers of performance art, and his name is Günter Brus. Because it’s his 80th birthday, the Belvedere 21 is currently hosting an exhibition to pay homage to him. In this rather comprehensive retrospective showcase, the museum will shine a light on the Austrian artist’s oeuvre (we’re so sophisticated, aren’t we?!) and the way he uses the body as a canvas, and a screen to critique society. You’ll have time until August to see this exhibition. Plus this exhibition is a super special one because the Belvedere has teamed up with the pioneering augmented reality app, Artivive and an extra dimension to the experience in which you can watch the art come to life.

Recommended if you like: fucking the society (well, not literally, but you know what we mean), being totally against the system except on Tuesdays when you visit your Oma, getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee, being a fiend for culture

Photo © / Belvedere Wien 2018

An exhibition on renowned photographer and man of many talents, Man Ray

Man Ray

When: WED, February 14 – SUN, June 24
Where: Kunstforum Wien
Entry: 11€, buy your ticket here

US-born artist, Man Ray, was mainly a photographer and he even developed his own method of taking photos without a camera (it’s called ‘rayographs’, in case you’re wondering). However, he was also a painter, designer, movie maker, and had many other artistic talents. With 150 key works from Ray, the Kunstforum Wien is currently dedicating an exhibition to this surreal artist.

Recommended if you like: Sunday strolling through museums, getting your daily dose of culture, thinking outside the box, inventors, photographs, reading philosophy books instead of magazines, escaping reality

Celebrating 100 years of Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele Jubiläumsschau

When: FRI, February 23 – THU, November 4
Where: Leopold Museum
Entry: 13€ (9€ students)

Egon Schiele is a rock star in terms of modernist painters. And his groupies are aplenty. And to honor one of the leading forces in the modernist movement, the Leopold Museum is currently presenting over 40 paintings and 180 works on paper by the very talented Austrian painter. This exhibition will tell the story of how the artist’s work developed, and how he was influenced by other great artists of this period. The museum’s founder, Rudolf Leopold, was a great admirer of Schiele’s radically expressive phase, so it’s more than apt that the gallery holds an exhibition in good old Egon’s name, especially as this year also marks the 100-year-anniversary of Schiele’s death.

Recommended if you like: politics and art mingling, watching historical documentaries on the couch while only wearing a bathrobe, getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee, art history books, practicing your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art

Photo via Leopold Museum, Wien

A celebration of Austria’s architectural great, Mr Wagner

Otto Wagner

When: THU, March 15 – SUN, October 7
Where: Wien Museum
Entry: 10/7€

It’s been 100 years since the renowned architect, Otto Wagner died, and the Wien Museum is celebrating the man who left so many marks on Vienna. Built from the vision of his own planned ‘City Museum,’ the museum has thrown together a comprehensive exhibition. In his day, Wagner divided opinion and was controversial as he did bold things which disregarded tradition and embraced new designs of the future. Today, his work that can be seen all over the city is very much loved. This exhibition will give you a fascinating insight into the work of this prolific architect and designer.

Recommended if you like: design and architecture, studying how a structure is built, drawing your straight lines free hand, buildings of Vienna, the U6 line, talking about architecture for hours at house parties, the idea of seeing the behind the scenes of your city

Keith Haring exhibition at the Albertina

Keith Haring. The Alphabet

When: March 16 – June 24
Where: Albertina
Entry: 12.90€ (8.50€ students)

Keith Haring is known for his pop art and graffiti-like style in his paintings. The Albertina is currently dedicating an exhibition to the US-based artist who died in the 90s at the age of only 32. The theme of the artist’s work is usually social justice and constant transformation, and Haring’s unique symbolic language will at the centre of this exhibition.

Recommended if you like: Sunday strolling through museums, thinking outside the box, reading philosophy books instead of magazines, practising your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art, getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee

Photo © The Keith Haring Foundation