Everything you need to do this Weekend in Vienna: 27 events

January 14, 2018

Everything you need
to do this Weekend in
Vienna: 27 events

January 14, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 28 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:

(Header photo by Flickr/toolongtobepractical)


Design pop-up shop in a funky coffeehouse

Rienna – contemporary designshop

When: THU, November 9 – WED, January 31 | WED–FRI: 11am–7pm, SAT: 10am–6pm
Where: Rien
Entry: free!

There’s an oddly named design pop-up shop, popping up in the reborn hipster coffeehouse in the first district, Rien. Showcasing and selling awesome products from local creatives, it’s surely worth checking out during the lead up to Christmas (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). If this place gets any cooler (a whale on the roof, weekly music sessions and now a design shop!) , we’re going to have to stop going!

Recommended if you like: forearm Tattoos, beards, ham and cheese toast, filling your wardrobe with unique fashion, being that member of the Family that everybody knows for thoughtful and cool gifts

Viennese designer’s pop up for a sale


When: MON–SUN, January 8–28 | MON–FRI: 12pm–7pm, SAT–SUN: 12pm–6pm
Where: ausstellungsraum.at
Entry: Free!

Ausstellungsraum.at on Gumpendorfer Straße will be turned into a pop up shop all January long (Jan. 8–28), as they feature a handful of Viennese labels selling their items, including sales pieces and items from their new collections. At this quaint little pop up shop you’ll find jewellery, fashion, accessories, and all sorts of other stuff, including the glass of Prosecco that will be waiting for you.

Features labels are: n a n a, á la mode, lila, ulliko, nefeli, sila

Recommended if you like: Sunday shopping in Vienna, Viennese design and designers, spontaneous pop up events, having a unique wardrobe, starting the new year off right with adding trendy items to your wardrobe

Ice skating wonderland with a picturesque background, anyone?

Wiener Eistraum 2018

When: January 20 – March 4, 10am–10pm
Where: Rathausplatz
Entry: tba, for more information click here

The Wiener Eistraum is back this weekend for what is probably one of the most romantic things in a Viennese winter (or to get all of those bruises that you tell people you got in a bar fight). The winter wonderland that pops up in front of the Rathaus every year is up and running again and we’ll be bringing a group of friends, helmets and our phones up and ready to capture every moment. Check out the website for details, such as how much you’ll be forking out for entry and skate rental.

Recommended if you like: embarrassing yourself on a first date because you have two left feet on skates, doing pirouettes on the ice, sharpening your skates with a steely look in your eye, planning something romantic with your loved ones, trying out the moves from Starlight Express on ice

A glimpse at what’s happening in Vienna’s startup scene

Public Demo Day at weXelerate

When: FRI, January 19, 5:30pm–1am
Where: WeXelerate
Entry: Free! Register here

Join the hot new startup incubator program on January 19th when it’s first batch of startups graduate and demonstrate what they’ve been up to in terms of building their business. If you’re always curious to hear new ideas, or are looking to create a fresh business yourself, the demo day at weXelerate is a good platform for networking and to get a glimpse at the startup scene in Vienna.

Recommended if you like: listening to innovative ideas, brainstorming, having long-lasting conversations with someone about how to better the world, seeing what’s up in Vienna, making cash cash money money

A party that will take you from the 90s to the naughties

Wannabe – Crazy 90’S + 00’S Party / 19th Jan Titanic

When: FRI, Jan 19, 11pm
Where: Club Titanic
Entry: 8€ before midnight and 10€ after

‘Wannabe in the pinkiest mist of craziness?
Then zig-a-zig ahh, baby. Your time has come.’

The Facebook event description ends with this, and we’re pretty sure you’re curiosity will end with this. Yep, it seems that those 90s and naughties parties are going to continue into 2018, with this one at the veteran of a club, Titanic, being the biggest of the bunch. Some say that the 90s were sexy, while others say that they were a nightmare, both in fashion and music. Whatever be your stance, we know secretly you’ve been waiting for this moment to dance once again to the Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls in public.

Recommended if you like: Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, Bryan Adams, the 80s and 90s fashion trends that are back, fluorescent tank tops, Mario Kart

The Biggest House/Techno Club of Budapest is visiting Vienna

Manifest invites LÄRM Club Budapest

When: FRI, January 19, 11pm–6am
Where: SASS Music Club
Entry: TBA

Lärm is a one-of-a-kind techno club in the heart of Budapest that has earned a solid reputation for delivering a consistent high quality in terms of parties and DJ acts. As such, everyone and anyone in anyway connected with the place is now much sort after. And the House music collective Manifest have reeled them in to doing a club night in Vienna. The talented DJs from Manifest will be in support.

Recommended if you like: dark beats, techno, getting home when the birds are chirping, döner time at 4am, getting sweaty on the dancefloor

A Swing dance taster in the grandest of locations

Let’s Jazz Hot! Swing im Weltmuseum: eine Tanz-Zeitreise

When: FRI, January 19, 6pm–9pm
Where: Weltmuseum Wien
Entry: 19€

We are all cordially invited to dance in a venue so grand, you can hardly sniff at the chance. This Friday, the Weltmusuem is putting on a swing Taster Session, to wet your appetite for the trending dance forms of the Swing genre, including Charleston and Lindy Hop.  There will be pro dancers there to help you out with your moves (if you need it) and don’t worry about bringing a dance partner – they’ll sort you out.

Recommended if you like: swing dancing, lindy Hop, Big Band music, the sound of the banjo, being slid under somebody’s legs, dancing until your feet hurt and the music won’t let you stop

A retro night out


When: FRI, January 19, 9pm–6am
Where: Chaya Fuera Club
Entry: 13€ or 10€ if you are dressed all vintage

Put on a spanking neat suit or swinging dress inspired by Audrey Hepburn, or at least a little something vintage, as Chaya Fuera is attempting to whisk all away to a magical land where Elvis and Aretha would share a drink while listening to the finest, ummm, Electro Swing… Well, admittedly that is not real from their time, but interlaced with that, there will be some of the best tunes from the 50s and 60s to get all on the dancefloor jiving.

Recommended if you like: parties with a difference, getting dressed up, music out of the 1920ies–1950ies, Lindy Hop, Burlesque shows, red velvet curtains and chandeliers, Elvis Presley

If sliding into the New Year doesn’t work for you, try swinging

DIR#7 Welcome Party – Rakugaki Swinger Club – Dj Alright

When: FRI, January 19, 8pm–3am
Where: Mi Barrio
Entry: 15€

With this one, you can swing into the New Year and a new venue. IG Hop is one of Vienna’s leading Swing schools and swing party night hosts, has potentially found itself a new regular spot and hopefully permanent one at Mi Barrio. At this night of dancing, there will be live music to get your hips swinging and hopping provided by the Rakugaki Swinger Club (potentially from Russia), as well as a DJ. This will be one of those nights where you won’t be able to resist to dance, even if you have two left feet!

Recommended if you like: wearing your socks pulled up high and suspenders, dancing the lindy hop, Swing Big Band music, nostalgia of a time you never lived, antique shops and fleamarkets, vintage clothes

A coming of age thriller that is bound to make your childhood memories look rosy a.f.

Super Dark Times – Special Screening im Filmcasino

When: FRI; January 19, 10:30pm–12:30am
Where: Filmcasino
Entry: 9.65€ (available here)

From the cutting and editing of the trailer, it looks like a film that could be very similar to Stranger Things, just without the whole Sci-Fi angle which makes it potentially even more terrifying. This Friday, follow the lives of Zach and Josh, two lads who have grown up together and barely spending a minute apart, until a horrible accident leads to secrets, lies, paranoia and violence, that drives a wedge between the two BFFs…

Recommended if you like: freaking out in public, having all your childhood fears rolled up into one movie, being put off having children, Donnie Darko, Stand By Me, dark times

The Story behind the greatest, most terrible cult movie ever

The Disaster Artist – ab 19.1. exklusiv OmU im Gartenbaukino!

When: FRI–WED, January 19–31, 7pm–9pm
Where: Gartenbaukino
Entry: 7.50–9€

This is a film that tells the story behind the Greatest Bad Movie of all time (yes the capital letters are meant to be there); The Room (see trailers below). While The Room earns cult status for truly being terrible, it tells the story of a banker whose fiancee, inexplicably decides to seduce his best friend. The Disaster Artists is a reflection on the memories of Greg Sesteros, who on meeting Tommy Wiseaus in an acting class, forms a friendship, that helps them inspire each other to become what they always dreamed of – actors. We reckon we should all meet before going and watch ‘The Room’ together, you know, for perspective.

Recommended if you like: being a film fanatic, cult classics, calling yourself The Dude, films that’s make you smirk from beginning until end, a man full of class, tearing me apart Lisa, cult films, films that are soooo bad they are good

Mountains of churros!

Churros con Chocolate

When: SAT, January 20, 9am–12pm
Where: Lola
Entry: TBA

With wide open warm latino arms and heart-warming chocolate, the crowd at Lola are hosting their day of Churros con Chocolate this Saturday! There’s no need to reserve, just bring your family and friends and eat your way through the sweet deep-fried sugary treats dunked in chocolate.

Recommended if you like: not giving a damn about the way your jeans sit, chocolate dipped in chocolate, exploring different cultures, traveling, sugar and cinnamon and spice and all things nice

Learn how to create a comic

Comic Workshop / Geschichten erzählen mit Bildern & Worten

When: SAT, January 20, 5pm–8pm
Where: KOMM
Entry: 5€ normally, 4€ for students. Get tickets here

Have you always had a love for the comics shop on Rotenturmstraße and simply can’t walk by without checking out their newest arrivals? This is your chance to learn more about how those page turners are made. On Saturday, you can learn more about how comics are created, and during the workshop, you’ll be encouraged to get started on your own.

Recommended if you like: reading instead of being social, sketching when you’re on the phone with someone, reading comics on the toilet, all things anime

Austria’s largest indoor Hardcore Party is back in Vienna

Masters of Hardcore – Austria 2018 @Marx Halle Wien

When: SAT, January 20, 8pm–6am
Where: Marx Halle
Entry: 15€ (available here)

Branded ‘The Third Invasion’, (we are guessing because its the third time they have been here) German based ‘Hardtours’ are once again bringing the biggest Hardcore music nights of the year to Vienna. With a proper bunch of live acts, it is definitely some value for some hardcore money… check out last years after movie:

Recommended if you like: skulls, wearing black t-shirts, horns, some seriously aggressive fist pump dancing, seriously tattooed dudes dancing topless, wearing neon ice hockey masks in clubs, more skulls

Have you got the Disco fever, because these guys do!

Discofieber XXL im MQ – 20.Jänner – welcome 2018!

When: SAT, January 20, 10pm–6am
Where: MQ Halle E
Entry: 11€ (here), 15€ on the door

The biggest and most brash disco party in Vienna is back for its first instalment of the year this Saturday. As always, expect ridiculous amounts of people all competing on the dance floor for the unofficial title of Dancing King/Queen, and with all the classics from the 70s, 80s and 90s on offer, it will be quite the dance off.

Recommended if you like: the sound of a fan on a summer’s night, the sound of heavy breathing on a summer’s night, dancing to hip hop, shiny disco balls, disco music, big collared shirts

A Masked Ball with burlesque, and a lot more 

Cirque Rouge *Maskenball*

When: SAT, January 20, 10pm–4am
Where: Rote Bar
Entry: 20€ pre-sale (here), 25€ on the night

As always with the Rote Bar, when they throw a party, they go to town with it. This Saturday, with a clientele dressed in anything from 20s–60s fashion (and masks, hopefully) they are putting on a show, with live music, DJs, Burlesque and other entertaining stuff. You are not just paying for a night out here, you are paying for an experience.

Recommended if you like: kissing strangers whose faces you can’t see, getting all dolled up, the circus, Burlesque performances, wearing a mask and pretending you are someone else, The Mask, the Iron Mask, masked balls

Drum and Bass of the highest order

CONTRAST presents Shogun Audio w/ Technimatic & Ulterior Motive

When: SAT, January 20, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 13.03€ (available here)

Shogun Audio are one of the biggest labels in the DnB scene and so the party collective, Contrast, are pretty friggin’ ecstatic to be doing a night with them this Saturday. To add to this excitement, Shogun will be bringing some of their bright young things to the stage in the form of Technimatic and Ulterior Motive, both of whom are already onto their second albums, and making a lot of waves in the scene.

Recommended if you like: unique locations, Drum and Bass, your ears ringing the morning after from a bass overload, kissing random people in public toilets, dancing until the sun comes up

A musical journey through the many forms of Flamenco

Flamenco Jazz Duo (Nikola & El Flaco) / 7*SternWohnzimmerkonzert

When: SAT, January 20, 8pm–10pm
Where: Cafe 7Stern
Entry: TBA

A musical journey is happening this Saturday when a guitarist and a pianist take you through all the different Palos (musical forms of Flamenco) associated with both  modern and traditional Flamenco. There will be the favourite classics, and improvisation that may take it in a more Jazzy direction.

Recommended if you like: improvised Jazz, when different music genres clash in one organised, beautiful mess, being a struggling dancer that lives for the movement, being attracted men/women with dark coloured eyes and dark hair, people who are good with their fingers

A whole set dedicated to freeing your Soul with some Jazzy Vinyls

Free Soul

When: SAT, January 20, 10pm–2am
Where: Filmbar
Entry: Free

Saturday Jazz at the Filmbar has got on stage the one, the only… Christoph Möderndorfer… yup, we never heard of him either. However, his self-titled DJ set ‘Free Soul’ will undoubtedly be laced with some of the best Jazz (and one would suspect some Soul) that has ever been produced on Vinyl, so if you fancy a slightly different night out, but still want to get lost in the music, then you know where to head on Saturday night.

Recommended if you like: unique locations, dancing where government officials once pushed papers, dedicating your life to music, when musicians of different genres get together and create magic, funk, impro Jazz

Female flea market (now that’s a lot of Fs)


When: SUN, January 21, 5pm–8pm
Where: MGC Halle
Entry: Free! Reserve a stand table for 35€ here

Throughout the course of 2018, the MGC hall will turn into a women’s flea market every month, selling all things women’s fashion, by women for women. Weather you’re looking to buy or sell dresses, skirts, pants, shirt, shoes, bags, or anything else women’s fashion- come along to the flea market (entry is free) this Sunday evening, or reserve a stand for 35€.

Plus: there is parking available in the building for 3€

Recommended if you like: shopping vintage, doing something on Sunday, getting rid of old clothes, bargaining, giving your friends a makeover

The Gypsy Jazz legend to round off your week

Harri Stojka (Live in Concert)

When: SUN, January 21, 7pm–2am
Where: Camera Club
Entry: 37€ (get ’em here)

The Viennese Jazz guitar hero, Harri Stojka, takes to the stage this Sunday with a newly formed Express Reunion band. While he made his name as a jazz player, he now has headed back to his Roma roots and is playing Gypsy Jazz on his acoustic. With accolades like opening for the Festwochen under his belt, this will undoubtedly be well worth the 40 squids it costs.

Recommended if you like: Gypsy Jazz, people who are very nifty with their fingers, improvised Jazz, all forms of Roma music, Swing, spontaneously breaking out in dance, concerts that end with DJs 

The Ten Commandments addressed on the stage

Die Zehn Gebote

When: SUN, January 21, 7:30pm–10:20pm
Where: Volkstheater
Entry: 5–48€ (depending on which category: check here)

This play is based on Krzysztof Kieślowski’s ‘Decalogue’ a series of 10 one hour films. Each one of those films explore, subtly, one of the ten commandments in a more modern way. In this instance, the commandments will be explored in a trash settlement in 1980s Poland. In this reworking, Director Kimmig re-adapts the concept into a three hour session in which 9 actors play out around 30 plus roles, while stilll bringing the same smart wit, and subtle and thought-provoking performances from the film to the stage.

Recommended if you like: questioning your morals, looking for the meaning in things, theater evenings, addressing day to day issues, being Godly in the new year, using the money you save on boozing for culture

An exhibition on form and following rules in architecture

Form folgt Paragraph / Form Follows Rules

When: November 23, 2017 – April 4, 2018
Az W – Architekturzentrum Wien
Entry: 9€ (7€ students, or for free on WED 5pm–7pm)

The exhibit ‘Form follows Paragraph’ will focus on how architects battle with their need to adhere to building regulations and standards in their designs. With a historical dimension in mind, the question arises whether famous sites of Vienna would have been possible under current regulations, and will also ask the question: what rules does society actually need, and which are actually overkill? You’ll have time to visit this exhibition until April 4. But come on, winter’s the perfect time for going to exhibitions, right?

Recommended if you like: opening events, reading history books that smell like your grandma, Sunday strolls through museums, thinking outside the box, being an architect

Photography in all its seriousness. Not. 

Why so serious? – Fotografie am Brillantengrund

When: THU, December 14, 7pm–11pm
Where: Hotel am Brilliantengrund
Entry: tba

This event will put a smile on your face! Why so serious? is the title of the fifth photography exhibition of Fotografie am Brilliantengrund, happening in the funky hotel (and the place that is soooooo much more), Hotel am Brilliantengrund. Photography will meet giggle-worthy material & a tad bit of melancholy. Oh, and maybe stick around for a drink in the cool setting of this retro hotel.

Recommended if you like: loling, exploring photography, going to a hotel for another reason than a dirty sex weekend, scrolling Instagram

Getting your dose of contemporary culture with Thomas Bayrle’s exhibit

Thomas Bayrle. Wenn etwas zu lang ist – mach es länger / If it’s too long, make it longer

When: WED, October 25, 2017 – MON, April 2, 2018
Where: MAK
Entry: 9.90€, students 7.50€, free entry every Tuesday 6pm–10pm

Berlin-born artist, Thomas Bayrle, will be featured at MAK this autumn with his solo exhibition, ‘If it’s too long, make it longer,’ that showcases a combination of his multi-medial works, along with his computer-generated art. Art, handicraft and industrial production are explored through dyeing, weaving and programming processes, creating a kaleidoscopic of forms and ornaments.

Recommended if you like: strolling through museums on a cold autumn day, mingling among artsy people, showing others that you are interested in art

Aesthetics of Change – 150 years of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

Ästhetik der Veränderung. 150 Jahre Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

When: December 12 – April 14
Where: MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
Entry: 15€ (students 9€)

The University of Applied Arts Vienna’s roots date back to 1867, when the School of Arts and Crafts was established at the Imperial Royal Austrian Museum of Art & Industry, which is known as ‘the MAK’ today. The first is thus celebrating its 150-year-anniversary and the latter is hosting an exhibition in its honour. This exhibition, Aesthetics of Change, takes a look at the past 150 years of the talent that has gone through the University of Applied Arts Vienna, while it also dares to look into the future at the same time.

Recommended if you like: taking a museum stroll, the old and new, reading history books that smell like your grandma, wearing striped pyjamas to bed, Sunday strolling through museums

Photo via MAK/Georg Mayer

Traces of time: An exhibition that explores the behind the scenes of art

Spuren der Zeit

When: ongoing until February 26, 2018
Where: Leopold Museum
Entry: 8€–13€ (available here or at the door)

Focusing on the ‘how’ and not the ‘what’ is a large behind the creation of contemporary art, and not just art, but everyday objects in the world of art – photography and architecture, for example. Investigating the research aspect of art, and how it’s documented, this exhibition offers a unique look behind the scenes of contemporary art.

Recommended if you like: thinking outside the box, being outside your comfort zone, getting to know your city, being socially active, being culturally active, peeking behind the scenes, contemporary art, translating art talk and descriptions into something vaguely understandable

Singer/ songwriter on stage – it should get emotional

Katrin Spiegel & Band – ‘Moment’

When: SUN, January 21, 7pm
Where: Turnhalle at Brick-5

Have your souls and your ears be whisked away to a calmer place by the whisky and soulful tunes by the local singer/ songwriter, Katrin Speigel.   The beautiful voice of Katrin will be complimented by her talented band who will hit the stage at the cultural space/ cafe, Turnhalle, this Sunday night. They’ll be performing their musical poetry for all those seeking an especially heart-warming end to their week, and good start into the next. Here’s a taste of her tunes:

Recommended if you like: singing in the shower, singer/ songwriter stuff, intimate concerts, having somebody run their fingers through your hair, bow ties, bare feet on grass, soulful Sundays, the sound of guitar strings being lightly plucked