Everything you need to do this weekend in Vienna: 32 event tips

February 18, 2018

Everything you need
to do this weekend in
Vienna: 32 event tips

February 18, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 32 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:

Header photo by Instagrammer @miss.elusivo


Afro-Trap Frenchman brings some summer vibes @ Grelle Forelle

MHD (FR) • Wien

When: FRI, February 23, 7pm–11pm
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 28/30€ (get ’em here)

Afro–Trap Frenchman, MHD, may only rap in French, but that ain’t stopping him wracking up the view count on ye’ old Youtube. While this is probably partly down to the smorgasbord of football stars who feature in his music videos (who probs’ wont be in Grelle this Friday) it is mainly down to the indisputable summer vibes that every tune of his radiates. Expect good times in the dark and mysterious underground club of Grelle Forelle this Friday.

Recommended if you like: Afro Trap, summer vibes n the middle of winter, name dropping in music videos, French Rap, getting in the mood for the summer, smoke machines in dark clubs, going home when the sun comes up

A Falco tribute party and band

Falco – Goldfisch’ Konzert

When: THU–FRI, February 22–23, 7pm–5am
Where: U4 Club
Entry: 35€, 74€ (meet and greet plus CD/DVD), get your tickets here

When talking about tribute bands, its hard to discern who is the original and the best, because they all claim to be. Not many can claim they have original members of the band on stage though, which The Goldfisch can. This Thursday and Friday, you’ll get your chance to catch them, and their stellar line-up of special guests performing all of the Falco’s favourites.

Recommended if you like: Falco, rocking Amadeus, Jeanny, doing lines of suspicious white powder off stranger’s genitals, talcum powder nights, partying in dodgy locations in U-bahn stations, Austro–pop legends

Go swing dancing in a school

Swinging Fasching by SwingAUT

When: FRI, February 23, 8pm–2am
Where: Gymnasium Wasagasse
Entry: 15€

The crowd from the dancing outfit SwingAUT is calling one and all to kick it like in the old days (their words, not ours) Here’s the event explained in their own words: ‘We wanna celebrate like back in the days – cowboys, spiderman, princesses, pirates, lindy gras hoppser, rocky balboa dancers, laminators, shark shaggers, 3 angels for charleston and whatever you can imagine.’ One thing we know for sure is that this sounds like a whole lot of fun… and hey, how often do you get to party in a school’s gym.

Recommended if you like: wearing your socks pulled up high and suspenders, dancing the Lindy Hop, Swing Big Band music, nostalgia of a time you never lived, antique shops and fleamarkets, vintage clothes, Fasching Parties, dragging out Fasching as long as possible, getting dressed up

From Disco to Disco, House party to House Music’s all time best

Subjektiv – die besten Housetracks aller Zeiten

When: FRI, February 23, 10pm–5am
Where: Prime
Entry: TBA

House headliner, Hans Nieswandt, became an accidental star in the 90s with his track ‘From Disco to Disco’. He had, however no interest in the fame and was perfectly happy playing in weird locations and doing House parties. In this sense, the intimate venue of Prime, provides the perfect spot to bring a night of all the best House tracks, interlaced with pure danceable Disco, that will be rising from the decks of good ol’ Hans.

Recommended if you like: having nothing to lose, taking your Deep House seriously, catching big name DJ names, beer and cigarettes, one day of stubble, intimate locations, the Bermuda Triangle of Wien, dreieck

The American rockabilly, ragtime blues, and old time swing musician is in town

Pokey LaFarge (US) • Wien

When: FRI, February 23, 8pm–11pm
Where: Chelsea
Entry: 25€ (available here)

You’ve got the rare chance of catching the energetic performance by the American musician and band, Pokey Lafarge, this Friday. Their music spans everything we have come to love about American music – Jazz, Country and Western, Blues and Ragtime – all at once and all in a voice that is both refreshing fresh, while strangely familiar and from the past. These guys are truly a kicking act, not to be missed.

Recommended if you like: all the above music genres,  Little Richard, Rockabilly stuff, the sound of a blues guitar, dedicating your life to music, when musicians of different genres get together and create magic, slapstick comedy

A Funk takeover of the fluc

Fluc hosted by Funkroom

When: FRI, February 23, 10pm–4am
Where: fluc + fluc wanne
Entry: 3€

Who’s got the Funk? Fluc has got the Funk! Get down and get groovy this Friday as fluc when it’s taken over by some Funk specialists who want nothing more than to bring the joy to your toy and your desperate dancing feet (we have no idea what we mean by that last bit).

Recommended if you like: shirts with big collars, big sweeping dancefloors, getting some serious dancing done on a Friday night, Al Green, Taj Mahal, funking it up on a Friday (whatever the hell that means)

Indie/ Pop/ Rock album release

Charlywood Album Release Show at Kramladen. Support Tall William

When: FRI, February 23, 8pm–12am
Where: Kramladen
Entry: 10€ (or buy ticket and new album for only 15€)

Better late than never for this Indie Pop Rock outfit! Having unfortunately delayed their initial ‘post release’ show (damn Man Flu) they will be finally getting on stage to celebrate its release at the Kramladen this Friday night. Maybe the delay was a good thing, because it also means that the talented Tall William will be supporting them – a man who is never short of a good lyric.

Recommended if you like: homegrown talent, wearing Asics Tigers, making farting sounds with your armpit, the rough and ready type, tattoos, indie rock, Artic Monkeys and more of this indie delight, to cross dress on Thursdays

Wine tasting @ Magdas Hotel

Weinverkostung im magdas mit dem Winzer Emil Bauer

When: FRI, February 23, 7pm–10pm
Where: Magdas Hotel
Entry: 19€

Try at least to be be discreat when you swallow, right? No one wants to get caught draining their glass this Friday at Magdas, because they’ll have a proper pro talking about the wines. So try to behave. The winemaker, Emil Bauer, will be supplying the commentary on what you’re drinking. The relaxed environment and good food and company will undoubtably relax the stiffness that normally accompany such events.

Recommended if you like: swallowing (your wine you dirty, dirty people), German wine, getting casually drunk when you aren’t supposed to, chilled evenings, talking wine

Catch some Brahms with the London Symphony Orchestra

London Symphony Orchestra / Ibragimova / Bringuier

When: FRI, February 23, 7:30pm–9:30pm
Where: Wiener Konzerthaus
Entry: 83–114€ (available here)

Catch yourself some Brahms this Friday, as the London Symphony Orchestra team up with not only the direction of Lionel Bringuier, but also the Russian Star that is Alina Ibragimova, as she makes her Konzerthaus debut. They will be performing Brahms, ‘Concert for Violin (go figure) and Orchestra D-Dur op. 77 (1877-1878). No crowd surfing, please.

Recommended if you like: wearing velvet jackets and cravats, listening to classical music while smoking a pipe in your study, leather armchairs, tracing your family tree back to a crusader, Johannes Brahms, Russian Violinists

The Classic Rock and Roll film musical live on stage!

Grease – Das Musical / Wien

When: SUN, February 25, 3pm–6pm
Where: MQ–Musuemsquartier
Entry: 41.90–91.90€ (available here)

Do you need some summer lovin’? The only kind of summer loving’ that Grease the musical can deliver? Well, the show itself, whether it’s the film or the stage version, needs no introduction from us. We know you all bought a pair of leather pants after seeing the movie with Travolta and that sex blonde Australian playing Sandy. And if you do go to the musical version being performed in the MQ over these coming weeks, we bet you our grandmother and her inheritance that you walk out with several ear worms.

Recommended if you like: parties where you can freak out, slicking your hair back, leather jackets, Little Richard, Rockabilly stuff, the sound of a blues guitar, leather jackets and pants, carrying a comb with you at all times, high school jock jackets, Travolta films

A party in a pizzeria

Riegler’s Highlife Pizza: Spezial Guest Julian Horn

When: FRI, February 23, 10pm–4am
Where: Pizza Randale
Entry: Free!

Is this a Bunga Bunga party? Get ready this Friday for what must be one of the first of a very special evenings. Pizza Randale is more than just a pizzeria, it’s a lifestyle choice, and as they turn off the wood ovens, the heat will pick up and the DJs will get started. Rumour has it there will be left over pizza for the last person standing in this pizzeria/ party location… (unfounded)

Recommended if you like: Bunga Bunga parties, partying in a pizzeria, free entry, Italian things, putting on your best godfather accent/suit, unicorns, eating even the crust from the pizza

Party on Wayne, Party on Garth – a special screening of the 90s classic

Wayne’s World – Special Screening im Filmcasino

When: FRI, February 23, 10:30pm–12:30am
Where: Filmcasino
Entry: 7.50–9€

A screening of the film that catapulted Mike Myers to stardom will be happening at the retro cinema, Filmcasino, this Friday. Everyone has memories of this film, (if you don’t then you definitely should be going!) whether it is the Bohemian Rhapsody car head banging scenes, the ‘Schwinging’ on a sofa, or the ‘she will be mine’ guitar moments. Party on.

Recommended if you like: underground tv shows, the little guy fighting the big guy and getting the babe, head banging to the Bohemian Rhapsody in the car, product placement, the schwing, quoting Wayne’s World in the most random moments

Cleanse your mind, body and soul with a weekend Yoga/detox sesh’


When: SAT–SUN, February 24–25, 9:30am–7pm
Where: Saint Charles Contemporary
Entry: 182€ for both days (available here)

Someone we know, could probably do with a weekend like this. Actually we know a few people who could do with several weeks of this. This weekend, at Saint Charles Contemporary, there will be 2 full days of healthy food and activities on offer for all those who hit 2018 hard. Go on, go cleanse your mind body, and soul (who are we kidding, it’s too late for that).

Recommended if you like: making the most out of life, yoga, trying kinky sex positions, brunching on a Sunday, feeling as flexible as a 14-year-old again, intensive detoxing, taking a break for two days, mindfulness

A fair for pet owners… or those considering to be

Haustiermesse Wien 2018

When: SAT–SUN, February 24–25, 10am–6pm
Where: Marx Halle
Entry: 5.29–8.80€ (get them here)

Disappointingly, this is not a massive hall filled with animals of all shapes and sizes, although we imagine many people will bring theirs along… just because. Instead, this weekend will see the Marx Halle filled with all things ‘Haustiere’ (that’s German for pet). If you own one, or you’re thinking of buying one, this is where you should be this weekend. Or not. Maybe in a park somewhere plying with your pet might be a nicer idea. What do we know. The last pet we owned was a hamster that we suspect may have jumped off of of balcony when we were at work.

Recommended if you like: your pet, want to deter your partner from wanting a pet, getting a pension plan for your pet, having had nothing but grief about why ‘insert animal here’ wasn’t their Valentines day present, playing with other people’s pets, owning a snake

Workshop: learn how to draw flower girls

ArtNight: Blumenmädchen am 24.02.2018 in Wien

When: SAT, February 24, 3pm–5pm
Where: Tunnel Vienna Live
Entry: 34€ (available here)

This new neat little event series, Artnight is back, and this Saturdays’ will see our guide, Amina, introducing us to the theme of ‘Flower Girls’. In the two hours, for which you need no experience (or tools – they are provided) she will have you drawing beautiful flower clad girls (we are sure you don’t have to be gender-specific)… or flower clad stick people, which is all we would be capable of.

Recommended if you like: drawing flowers, improving your artistic skills, letting the creative you loose, getting in touch with your inner artist, still painting presents for your parents despite being an adult

A 90s night at Horst

Super 90’s Disco – Baby One More Time

When: SAT, February 17, 11pm–6am
Where: Horst
Entry: 10€ < 1am > 12€

Buddha teaches us to live in the now, not to focus on things that are in the past, or the future. But at Horst, they’ll be heading back to the 90s (a time which owns a pop culture that for some unknown reason has been trending for a while now). This Saturday, one of Horst’s potentially last 90s nights (yep, they closing this shit down… sorry, we could never make it as a gangster in school), we suggest one and all to Carpe Diam the shizz out of this party from the past.

Recommended if you like: fluorescent singlets, Mariah Carey, doing the U turn, doing like they do it on the discovery channel, Nirvana, being masochistic with your music taste, Britney Spears during her glory years, Bart Simpson

A party full of hits from the last decade

2010s Club w/ Noisey – Februar

When: SAT, February 24, 9:50pm–6am
Where: The Loft
Entry: 1/5/7€ (< 10pm / < 11:30pm / rest of night)

Seeing as its the fourth Saturday of the month, it can mean only one thing – the party people from the 2010s club alongwith Noisy are throwing another party! Bringing you all the best sounds from the last decade, or last 8 years even, this should keep you going well into the next morning.

Recommended if you like: 50 cent, Editors, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, listening to the radio, sloppy kissing where the person’s tongue ends up in your nostril, Biber, Nicki Minaj

A dance journey from Indian to Flamenco Dancing

Ein Abend der Tänze Indiens und des Flamenco

When: SAT, February 25, 8pm–11pm
Where: Kulturraum Neruda
Entry: 10€ on the night

Taking us across continents this Saturday will be a troop of dancers who are as international as the journey itself. The troop, plus a musical ensemble, will start in the Indian subcontinent and dance their way for all to see to the land of the Flamenco.

Recommended if you like: dance shows, Indian dance, Latin American culture, Bollywood, serious salsa, tango, cocktails, being a struggling dancer that lives for the movement, being attracted men/women with dark coloured eyes and dark hair

Flea market in the old gym at Brick-5

Turnhallen-Flohmarkt im Brick-5

When: SUN, February 25, 1pm–8pm
Where: Brick–5
Entry: free!

The team behind 7stern cafe are at it again, but this time they’re playing their games at their funky cafe, Turnhalle, in the 15th district. While this Sunday isn’t about getting a banging brunch, or munching on the delicious GoSweetBakery cakes (while you can do these things too!), it is in fact about getting some bargains at a flea market, and grab some decent grub before or after, or during, your fleamarket hunt.

Recommended if you like: thrift shops, second-hand stuff, being a firm believer in one person’s junk is another person’s treasure,  rooting through mounds of stuff to find what you want, if you believe that cake and shopping go hand in hand, Sunday shopping, vintage stuff, sustainable living, the thrill of the flea market hunt

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of a hotel, now is your chance at this theatre piece

Hotel Strindberg

When: SAT, February 24, 6pm–10:30pm
Where: Akademietheater
Entry: 45€ (get them here, quick!)

Most shows of Simon Stone’s, Hotel Strindberg are quickly selling out and it is easy to see how this Saturday’s show is one of the few with tickets left. The performance takes a look at the events that unfold in the individual rooms of a hotel, inspired by the life of a mad, but crazily innovative misogynistic Swede, August Strindberg. Check out the trailer:

Recommended if you like: being a fly on the wall of a hotel, following Australian-born directors, theatre evenings, getting dressed up, going to new and interesting venues, dark humour

An exhibition on form and following rules in architecture

Form folgt Paragraph / Form Follows Rules

When: November 23, 2017 – April 4, 2018
Az W – Architekturzentrum Wien
Entry: 9€ (7€ students, or for free on WED 5pm–7pm)

The exhibit ‘Form follows Paragraph’ will focus on how architects battle with their need to adhere to building regulations and standards in their designs. With a historical dimension in mind, the question arises whether famous sites of Vienna would have been possible under current regulations, and will also ask the question: what rules does society actually need, and which are actually overkill? You’ll have time to visit this exhibition until April 4. But come on, winter’s the perfect time for going to exhibitions, right?

Recommended if you like: opening events, reading history books that smell like your grandma, Sunday strolls through museums, thinking outside the box, being an architect

Getting your dose of contemporary culture with Thomas Bayrle’s exhibit

Thomas Bayrle. Wenn etwas zu lang ist – mach es länger / If it’s too long, make it longer

When: WED, October 25, 2017 – MON, April 2, 2018
Where: MAK
Entry: 9.90€, students 7.50€, free entry every Tuesday 6pm–10pm

Berlin-born artist, Thomas Bayrle, will be featured at MAK this autumn with his solo exhibition, ‘If it’s too long, make it longer,’ that showcases a combination of his multi-medial works, along with his computer-generated art. Art, handicraft and industrial production are explored through dyeing, weaving and programming processes, creating a kaleidoscopic of forms and ornaments.

Recommended if you like: strolling through museums on a cold autumn day, mingling among artsy people, showing others that you are interested in art

Aesthetics of Change – 150 years of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

Ästhetik der Veränderung. 150 Jahre Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

When: December 12 – April 14
Where: MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
Entry: 15€ (students 9€)

The University of Applied Arts Vienna’s roots date back to 1867, when the School of Arts and Crafts was established at the Imperial Royal Austrian Museum of Art & Industry, which is known as ‘the MAK’ today. The first is thus celebrating its 150-year-anniversary and the latter is hosting an exhibition in its honour. This exhibition, Aesthetics of Change, takes a look at the past 150 years of the talent that has gone through the University of Applied Arts Vienna, while it also dares to look into the future at the same time.

Recommended if you like: taking a museum stroll, the old and new, reading history books that smell like your grandma, wearing striped pyjamas to bed, Sunday strolling through museums

Photo via MAK/Georg Mayer

Traces of time: An exhibition that explores the behind the scenes of art

Spuren der Zeit

When: ongoing until February 26, 2018
Where: Leopold Museum
Entry: 8€–13€ (available here or at the door)

Focusing on the ‘how’ and not the ‘what’ is a large behind the creation of contemporary art, and not just art, but everyday objects in the world of art – photography and architecture, for example. Investigating the research aspect of art, and how it’s documented, this exhibition offers a unique look behind the scenes of contemporary art.

Recommended if you like: thinking outside the box, being outside your comfort zone, getting to know your city, being socially active, being culturally active, peeking behind the scenes, contemporary art, translating art talk and descriptions into something vaguely understandable

Viennese Expressionism combined with the stars of Jugendstil

Wien um 1900: Klimt – Moser – Gerstl – Kokoschka

When: January 18 – April 10, 10am–6pm
Where: Leopold Museum
Entry: 13€/9€/8€

To celebrate the anniversary year of Viennese Modernism, the Leopold Museum has gathered together works of all the main protagonists in the movement, including Klimt and Moser. And they’ve put them up on the wall alongside the world-renowned Expressionists,  Gerstl and Kokoschka. To make the exhibition a well-rounded experience, they have also collected outstanding examples of design, from furniture to posters out of the era of the Wiener Werkstätte.

Recommended if you like: Expressionists, Jugendstil, Wiener Werkstätte, art history books, practicing your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art, Sucessionists, any of the above listed artists

A very human photography exhibition

Juergen Teller

When: January 18-March 3 (TUE-FRI 10am-7pm, SAT 11am-4pm, SUN closed)
Where: Christine König Gallerie
Entry: free!

Juergen Teller, German artist and fine-art and fashion photographer, is currently exhibiting a range of his poignantly human photography in the Christine König Galerie. Having been featured in a raft of magazines for his fashion photography, his work is famous for its raw, overexposed style. This is definetely a exhibition worth checking out if you’re into the beauty of imperfection like Juergen is.

Recommended if you like: wearing mismatching socks, the beauty of the imperfect, talented photography, being moved by an image, street photography, wandering a gallery for hours

The Tower of Babel, made out of a toy railway


When: FRI, February 9–March 30, on appointment
Where: Sammlung Friedrichshof
Entry: TBA

With the vernissage happening on Thursday 8th, and the exhibition proper starting on the Friday, there will be plenty of opportunity to witness the ‘Tower of Babel’, which is Fürtler’s latest piece. Clemens Fürtler creates image generating, kinetic objects, built out of model railway and freeway parts – the so-called, Bildmaschinen. Using toys, railway paraphernalia, and models of suburban houses to construct his tower, he hopes to highlight the contrast in the imagined perfect world scenario, while creating his own version of the Tower of Babel.

Recommended if you like: babbling on, eating culture for breakfast, seeing unique ways to use toys as art, graphic design, getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee, being happy, licking your nose with your tongue, contemporary art

Exhibition with augmented reality: Unrest After The Storm, by Günter Brus

Günter Brus – Unruhe nach dem Sturm

When: February 2 – August 12
Where: 21er Haus
Entry: 8€ (6€ students)

He’s one of the pioneers of performance art, and his name is Günter Brus. Because it’s his 80th birthday, the Belvedere 21 is currently hosting an exhibition to pay homage to him. In this rather comprehensive retrospective showcase, the museum will shine a light on the Austrian artist’s oeuvre (we’re so sophisticated, aren’t we?!) and the way he uses the body as a canvas, and a screen to critique society. You’ll have time until August to see this exhibition. Plus this exhibition is a super special one because the Belvedere has teamed up with the pioneering augmented reality app, Artivive and an extra dimension to the experience in which you can watch the art come to life.

Recommended if you like: fucking the society (well, not literally, but you know what we mean), being totally against the system except on Tuesdays when you visit your Oma, getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee, being a fiend for culture

Photo © eSeL.at / Belvedere Wien 2018

How to occupy a shipwreck

Oliver Ressler

When: January 25 – April 2
Where: Kunst Haus Wien
Entry: 9€

An exhibition by the Austrian artist, activist and filmmaker Oliver Ressler, is currently on at the Kunst Haus Wien. He is known for his extensive research and elaborate implementation of work that makes a statement. In his current work, ‘How to occupy a shipwreck,’ you’ll get to watch four films from a series that documents pivotal moments in the climate change movement. This will be a seriously thought-provoking experience, we assume.

Recommended if you like: taking care of the environment, your planet, questioning how things are, thinking for yourself, being an activist, expressing your opinion, getting inspired by art

Photo via Oliver Ressler/Kunsthaus Wien

Exhibition Opening: The Art of the Viennese Watercolor

Das Wiener Aquarell

When: THU, February 16 (ongoing until May 13)
Where: Albertina
Entry: tba

this exhibition at the Albertina, will put Viennese Watercolor in the spotlight. The Golden Age of this kind of art was during the Biedermeier era (that’s 1815 til 1848, in case you didn’t know, and yes, we had to google it as well). This Thursday will mark the opening day of the exhibition, but you’ll have time til May 13, if you’re interested in this kinda’ art.

Recommended if you like: learning about the place where you live, reading history books that smell like your grandma, wearing striped pyjamas to bed, Sunday strolling through museums, practising your pensive face in the mirror

Photo via Albertina

Ice skating wonderland with a picturesque background, anyone?

Wiener Eistraum 2018

When: January 20 – March 4, 10am–10pm
Where: Rathausplatz
Entry: tba, for more information click here

The Wiener Eistraum is back this weekend for what is probably one of the most romantic things in a Viennese winter (or to get all of those bruises that you tell people you got in a bar fight). The winter wonderland that pops up in front of the Rathaus every year is up and running again and we’ll be bringing a group of friends, helmets and our phones up and ready to capture every moment. Check out the website for details, such as how much you’ll be forking out for entry and skate rental.

Recommended if you like: embarrassing yourself on a first date because you have two left feet on skates, doing pirouettes on the ice, sharpening your skates with a steely look in your eye, planning something romantic with your loved ones, trying out the moves from Starlight Express on ice