Everything you need to do in Vienna this weekend – 26 event tips

July 15, 2018

Everything you need
to do in Vienna this
weekend – 26 event tips

July 15, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 26 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:



An outdoor wine festival? Don’t mind if we do!

Sound of Wine Main Event ’18

When: FRI, July 20, 2:30pm–10pm
Where: CREAU
Entry: 18.90–25€ , including the wine tasting and a 1€ donation to charity

Wine will be flowing, shot back, swilled and swallowed at this different kind of wine festival that prides itself on avoiding all the pretentious cliches that normally come with wine events. And this rebellious wine festival will be held under the open air of the horse stables turned event venue, CREAU. This is one of the last chances to explore such a unique location before angry bulldozers tear it down in autumn – sad but true – but this is also one more reason not to miss any events at CREAU this summer, especially if they revolve around sweet, sweet wine. More details, here. 

Plus: there will be cheese, snacks, art and live music!

Recommended if you like: wine, boozy afternoons, outdoor events, comfy Fridays, drinking too much, very unique and very cool locations, bathing in a bath of wine, sticking your wine in nose glasses and looking thoughtfully up at the sky

Life’s a beach party

Disco Beach ♛ Freitags im Juli 2018 ♛ VCBC

When: FRI, July 20, 8pm–3:30am
Where: Vienna City Beach Club
Entry: free!

If you’re looking for a beach party on a Friday night, Vienna City Beach Club has got you covered! Every Friday, you’ll find a Disco Beach raging on the sands of this chilled bar by the river. Dance away into the night to Pop songs while enjoying one (or more) drink(s).

Recommended if you like: summer days, wearing your bikini or board shorts to a party, marinating yourself in large quantities of alcohol, wearing your sunglasses at night, parties in unique locations, summer cocktail sipping by the water, gin and tonic, laughing like a fat man, being barefoot most of summer

Mini festival with all the genres of music

Prater Festival 2018 – Fr 20/7 & Sa 21/7/2018

When: FRI–SUN, July 20–22, 6pm–1am
Where: Prater, Riesenradplatz
Entry: free

With VIEiPEE, Masters of Dirt and Praterdome all teaming up this Friday and Saturday, you know you are in for something special. Over the course of the two days they will be presenting all sorts of music over three stages out in the open air and wild space that is both green and full of fairground rides. Friday sees Pystrance, EDM, Goa and DnB dominating the stage, while Saturday sees House and Techno. Both, however, will be laced with Hip Hop and RnB, so everyone is basically covered there!

Recommended if you like: fireworks, mini festivals, fairground rides, free parties, all the music genres, f*+#ing in the bushes, oasis, dancing under the stars while pretending you are on a Goa beach drinking buckets of cocktails, moonshine, full moon parties, the Riesenrad

Eat, drink, dance and repeat the last 2

Summer of food

When: FRI, June 22, 6pm
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: free!

The waterside club, with the underground club kind of reputation, will return with its event Summer of Food, which combines 2 of the best things in life – a solid party and tasty food! A raft of restaurants and eateries will be popping up at Grelle Forelle’s outside terrace where they’ll be serving up their flavoursome dishes while some DJs get the party started. The atmosphere is always spot on at these warm up events when the weather is fine, so be sure to catch this Friday’s edition… and no leaving before 6am the next day!

Recommended if you like: slapping people in the face with Frankfurters, dirty love-making in dirty public toilets, street food, summer days by the canal, summer cocktail sipping by the water, gin and tonic, laughing like a fat man, being barefoot most of summer

Bike ride or skate around the city on Friday night!

Friday Nightskating 2018

When: May 25 – September 21, every week on Friday at 9pm
Where: Starts at Heldenplatz. The route changes every week
Entry: free!

Ever been surprised by a horde of skaters and cyclists passing you by in the middle of the night on Vienna streets? Rest assured, this wasn’t your mind playing tricks on you, but rather it was the crowd doing the Friday Nightskate. This is a recurring summer event in Vienna that is a whole lot of fun! Rollerblade and bicycle enthusiasts meet every Friday at 9pm on Heldenplatz to follow their passion in cruising through the streets of Vienna (that’s right, they even shut down streets for this event!

Plus: All the routes are different every time, so you might discover some places you’ve never been to before in Vienna. See all routes here.

Recommendedif you like: taking to the streets, biking or blading, exploring the city, ringing your bell, the thought of hundreds of bikers dinging their bells in unison, how sexy you look in lycra, those events that give you goosebumps

Summer is here and so are the open air cinemas

Catch an open air cinema this summer

When: almost every day in summer
Where: various locations in Vienna
Entry: depends on the location, from 0–10€

Since the dawn of time, stories have been told by humans under the starry sky. In the beginning, it was around a fire where stories were told and acted out in strange dances (we still do that if we’ve had enough to drink). Today, it’s done with popcorn, surround sound, and HD projector screens. Luckily, there are many great spots where you can catch a movie under the skies during summer in Vienna. Here’s a list of where to catch some open air cinema in 2018.

Recommended if you like: popcorn, picnics, romantic dates,  lying on your back watching the clouds, making out on a couch in public, reading the romantics

Beer and bites at the brewery

Ottakringer Braukultur–Wochen 2018

When: June 28 – August 29, every MON–SAT from 4pm–12am
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: tba

It’s that time again when the beloved city’s beer brewery, Ottakringer Brauerei, comes to life for summer with their Braukultur-Wochen. And they’ve got a packed program planned for this year, including all sorts of beer games, live music acts, and tours of the brewery. And yes, there will be lots of beer flowing – 100s of different kinds of craft beer from all over the world, to be exact. There will also plenty of food trucks and stands rolling up to take care of feeding you. This brewing culture weeks just keep getting more and more popular every year. To check out what will be happening, programme, here.

Recommended if you like: craft beer, events at the brewery, Pommes, unique events that you miss when summer has gone,  stealing ideas for your own craft beer, events that involve beer, drinking beer, tasting beer like you do wine, admiring your tummy as it grows, the refreshing sound of opening a beer

Let’s see those Jazz hands!

Jazz Fest Wien 2018

When: June 15 – July 10
Where: various locations in Vienna
Entry: depending on your seating (available here)

The jazz Fest Wien will continue to keep kicking into the fist halfof July and boy do they have some cracking good acts lined up. If you haven’t yet, check out one of the performances the festival has to offer. While the name says Jazz, the program speaks of so much more: There’s pop, singer/songwriters, and even ye’ old swing, tango, mambo superstar Caro Emerald in the State Opera House. Check out the program, here.

Recommended if you like: environmentalists, Jazz, pianos, mentalists, festivals, ongoing events, long runs in the park, Jazz and more Jazz, music, singer/songwriters, cigars, dark bars, music styles out of America, tapping your feet to the beat, bow ties

American Hip Hop from the 90’s

Delinquent Habits // Wien

When: FRI, July 20, 7pm–12am
Where: Flex
Entry: 26.30€ (available here)

East Coast Hip Hop Troop Delinquent Habits will be bringing their sunshine laced rhymes to Flex this Friday. With a back catalogue that dates back to the early 90’s, their Hip Hop has that familiar tone and chilled back attitude that we would all recognise, even if we have never heard of them or their delinquencies …

Recommended if you like: old-school Hip Hop, bad habits, delinquents, American Hip Hop, tattoos, calling your mates esse, California, smoking a giant flavoured cigarette before going to a concert, passive smoking other peoples jazz cigs in the concert

Berlin-Based British Techno

Techno.Deluxe w/ Rebekah x Gary Beck

When: FRI, July 20, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 16.20€ (available here)

Techno Deluxe presents… well, Techno this Friday, with the help of Soma. Soma turned 25 last year and celebrated in style, but the party hasn’t stopped and thus they have bought two of their top acts to Vienna for your enjoyment. However, it is Brit Rebekah who headlines the event and with 20 plus years of Techno behind her and currently living in Berlin, she is bound to be able to get the party going and beats pumping.

Recommended if you like: Techno, the UK techno scene, Berlin-based DJs, DJanes, leaving a club as the birds start chirping, taking drunken strolls early on the Donau Kanal and getting in the way of cyclists trying to do their PB in the wee hours, taking illegal photos

Electro at Flex

Switch! Editions feat Darkzy & Tsuki

When: FRI, July 20, 11pm–6am
Where: flex
Entry: 12€ < 12am > 14€

What would summer nights be without a kickass DJ line up at Flex, and pre drinks in their beer garden by the water? This Friday, make sure to fill your stomach with some pasta and bread to prep for the alcohol you’ll be soaking up during your Flex stay when JumpUp meets Bassline, with Darkzy & Tsuki.

Get a taster of the music, here:

Recommended if you like: electronic music, UK electro DJs sets, Flex, grungy locations, wild dance moves, being drunk on fun… and whatever other substance you prefer

It’s finally time… to dance at this legendary summer party

ImPulsTanz festival Lounge

When: THU–SAT (and daily after that), July 12 – August 12
Where: Burgtheater
Entry: free!

As one of the largest festivals for contemporary dance and performance worldwide, the ImPulsTanz festival also organises one of the most legendary parties in the city. When all the dancing on stage ends, and the sun goes down, the festival lounge located in the unique location of the Burgtheater opens its doors and start pumping out some of the most danceable tracks there are. On top of this, ImPulsTanz social will be hosting two festival parties which should not be missed. CID RIM, Restless Leg Syndrome, Amadinda Sound System, Dalia Ahmed & Kristian Davidek are just a few of the artists listed for this year to hit the decks. Don’t miss the chance to get to know a few new dancing steps straight from the pro dancers, who you’ll often be sharing the dance floor with throughout the festival.

Recommended if you like: partying in unique locations, Impulstanz parties, quality free parties, summer parties, getting to know some new dance steps while a little tipsy

This month’s all about dance

ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival 2018

When: July 12 – August 12
Where: various locations in Vienna
Entry: get them here

If your feet are tired from all that party-hopping, we suggest enjoying someone else’s dance performance. The ImpulsTanz Festival is definitely one of our cultural highlights every year: At different locations around the city, you can visit edgy dance  performances and workshops (!) from some of the best dancers from all over the world. Allow yourself to be drawn into the magical world of dance, and we’re sure you won’t regret it.

PLUS! don’t miss this: the after parties at the Burgtheater, or Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz have reached legendary status – they are free and you get to rub shoulders and booties with the artists of the shows on the dancefloor.

Stay informed with our weekend what to do guides, here; and also be sure not to miss the opening party on July 12. Get details, here.

We also recommend… checking out the workshops offered throughout the festival – they’re affordable, incredibly diverse and inviting for beginners to advanced dancers. Check out the details, here.

Recommended if you like: partying in unique locations, Impulstanz parties, quality free parties, summer parties, getting to know some new dance steps while a little tipsy, singing in the shower, dancing until the early hours of the morning, dance performances

A short film festival under the starry summer sky in Vienna

dotdotdot Open Air Kurzfilmfestival 2018

When: July 3 – August 24
Where: Volkskundemuseum
Entry: pay as you can!

This is the one and only short film festival happening under the starry sky in Vienna, and boy is it a good one. There’s not only around 150 short films on their programme, but they certainly live up to their name as a festival. Meaning, there are also lots of side events happening throughout the festival, including workshops and talks on the short form of cinema. This is the open air cinema you should be attending if you’re looking to broaden your experiences when it comes to film. And trust us, many of the films on the programme will leave you thinking ‘…’ To make things short, check out the programme, here.

Recommended if you like: movie marathons, open air events, starry nights, the sound of birds chirping, lying on your back watching the clouds, being outdoor, fresh air, popcorn

Workshop: Learn how to live off the land

Kräuterwanderung Wien: Frauen- & Männer-Kräuter

When: SAT, July 21, 10am–12pm
Where: Luftschloss Cobenzl
Entry: 25€ (register here)

This week on the herb walk (not that kind of ‘erb), Dr Ricci will talk you through all the regional herbs.  On the tour, she will teach you how to recognise wild herbs that you can use in recipes and as natural remedies, when to pick them, and what you can use them for – you know – just in case the zombie apocalypse happens and we all have to go rogue and live off the fat of the land.

Recommended if you like: herbs, ‘erbs, being totally prepared for the zombie apocalypse, living off the fat of the land, reconnecting with your inner hunter gatherer, tours that even locals should do, saving money through foraging

16 hours of a day party

Merkwürdig / Open Air / Rave

When: SAT, July 21, 2pm–6am
Where: Schloss Cobenzl
Entry: 16€/20€ (pre-sale, available here) on the door TBA

With such a long party on the go this Saturday at this open air rave, it is unsurprising to see most of Vienna’s DJ crews represented in the line-up. They have also managed to organise a Brit to head up the party who, supposedly has such a large record collection it would takes months to get through. What he selects from that will be a surprise, so be on your toes for Electro or Techno …

Recommended if you like: House, Tech House, castles in the clouds, low frequency overloads, testing yourself to see if you have the stamina, saying that marathon parties, life is a marathon not a sprint, going the extra distance, trying to pace yourself but instead passing out in a field within an hour

Wear your least favourite clothes for this one

HOLI Festival of Colours WIEN

When: SAT, July 21
Where: Marx Halle open air
Entry: starting at 19.90€

We thought long and hard whether to recommend this one or not. On the one had its “oh wow, hundreds of people jumping around to loud music throwing boldly coloured dust at each other” and on the other it’s “oh no, hundreds of people jumping around to loud music throwing boldly coloured  dust at each other”. If you find yourself in the first category, do join this selfie heaven of an event, that we bet has nothing left to do with its Hindu origins.

Plus! There will be DJs spinning beats while all the fun and games are happening, and stands where you can refuel on slightly overpriced food and drink!

Recommended if you like: colours, westernised traditions, superhits mixed with house music, taking selfies when covered in colourful dust, people in their early 20s, the idea of throwing a ball of coloured dust at somebody’s ass

A light show on the river

Lichterfest an der Alten Donau 2018

When: SAT, July 21, 7pm–10pm
Where: Alte Donau
Entry: free

The Alte Donau will come alive with light this Saturday, as the annual Lichterfest kicks off. The key to coming to this event is finding a good spot to watch the spectacle, and getting there early enough to set up picnic and camp, so you can watch the boats cruise by, all covered in their pretty lights and watch the huge firework display once the sun is down, Spritzer in hand – 1, 2, 3: Awwwwwww

Recommended if you like: pretty lights, fireworks, picnics, night swims, skinny dipping, radlers, spritzers, boats, pirates, romantic pirates, commandeering a vessel and sailing upstream to invade Paris…

Crafty people bringing you crafty things (mainly beer)


When: SAT, July 21, 3pm–10pm
Where: WUK
Entry: free (cost of beer not included)

Craft beers will not be the only things flowing this Saturday at the WUK, as there is much more than a Craft Beer Village with premium Austrian beers being set up. Sprinkled around, there will also be some crafts persons and their stalls/artwork as well as some tasty bites to eat, all with the beats of Souljuz getting on stage to refresh your ears as well as your liver.

Recommended if you like: Austrian Craft beer, keeping it local, acoustic music, Art Shows, drinking Craft beer while looking at crafty people being all arts and crafty, trimming your beard religiously on a Monday morning at a barbers, beard oil, beard beer, beer in your beard, being well groomed and well oiled all at once

Sunny musical rays piercing the dancefloor haze

7 Jahre LUFT & LIEBE mit Jan Oberlaender & Anna Reusch / PRS

When: SAT, July 21, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: TBA

Official Prater Festival After Party and 7-year anniversary of LUFT & LIEBE will be filling up three floors at the Pratersauna this Saturday night – determined as ever to bring the rays of sunshine onto even the darkest of dance floors with special guests Jan Oberlaender & Anna Reusch. Whether they are playing Techno or House, they literally only seem to want to bring smiles to your dancing feet. Here is a set to check out:

Recommended if you like: unique locations, house, beer and cigarettes, sex in dirty public toilets, getting tipsy enough to tell all your friends how much you love them, summer vibes on dark dance floors

Prolific Northern Irish DnB legend at the Forelle

CONTRAST presents ENEI (Critical Music / RU)

When: SAT, July 21, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 10.95€ (available here)

DJ collective Contrast have achieved somewhat of a coup again this Saturday at Grelle Forelle, bringing legendary Russian drum & bass producer Alexey Egorchenkov aka ENEI to the decks for some smooth night of Drum and Bass beats and dancing. Have a listen to get yourself in the mood:

Recommended if you like: Drum and Bass legends, Drum and Bass, multi-layered music, your ears ringing the morning after from a bass overload, kissing random people in public toilets, dark clubs, walking home with the birds singing

Music and munching your way through food stands at the Rathaus

Filmfestival 2018

When: Daily, June 30 – September 2
Where: Rathausplatz
Entry: free!

Ah, the joys of living in Vienna. There is something quite unique going on every summer in this city’s heart, right at the Rathausplatz. From the 30th of July to the 2nd of September a great variety of concerts ranging from classic Ballets, Operas and Jazz to Pop and dance will be shown on a huge screen in front of the Rathaus. For free, we might add.

The Filmfestival on Rathausplatz is the largest film festival in Vienna, screening a range of concert films – from Classical to Jazz to Pop/Rock performances. There’s a huge screen installed in front of the beautiful town hall, with enough free seats to accommodate a small village from Vorarlberg. The films begin at sundown. However, from 11am onwards, there are over 20 food stands, featuring cuisine from around the globe. So enjoy sitting in the shade, have a Spritzer and wait for the film to begin. Throughout the summer, most films will be played twice. Most nights, there are also live performances of some sort before most screenings. Check out the full programme, here.

Recommended if you like: opera and ballet on screen, getting drunk with classy wine from Burgenland while watching Swan Lake, cuisine from all around the globe, eating all day long, getting your daily dose of culture while eating like a beast

Paint while getting drunk, or get drunk while painting

Vienna Fun Club Presents ‘Wine & Painting Party’

When: SUN, July 22, 5pm–7:30pm
Where: Tunnel
Entry: 40€ (includes supplies and a glass of the good stuff)

An event hosted by the worst titled club since the university of Exeters Masturbation Society officially changed their name to Wank Soc, promises wine and painting this Sunday. With one glass of wine it is hard to say how much fun will be had, but the potential for getting naked and painting your body before flopping onto a blank canvas is at least hinted (it’s not, we are just hoping).

Recommended if you like: hints, red red wine, and spilling it onto a canvas and calling it art, accidentally painting your neighbours canvas cos you be seeing double, painting someone you met just an hour before, unleashing your inner Van Gogh, losing an ear, sunflowers

The mysterious street photographer and Austria

Vivian Maier & Stefanie Moshammer

When: May 29 – August 19
Where: Westlicht
Entry: 8€ (5€ students)

WestLicht is currently hosting two exhibitions featuring two very talented female photographers. The work from the late street photographer out of the US, Vivian Maier, experiencde extreme popularity after hundreds of her photographs were discovered a few years ago. Meanwhile, the Austrian artist, Stefanie Moshammer’s latest work portraying her home country will be also featured alongside the overnight success. Stefanie’s photo series is  entitled ‘Therese’. Both exhibitions will be running until August 19.

Recommended if you like: exploring photography, art mingling, watching historical documentaries on the couch while only wearing a bathrobe, wearing striped pyjamas to bed, Sunday strolling through museums, practising your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art

Exhibition with augmented reality: Unrest After The Storm, by Günter Brus

Günter Brus – Unruhe nach dem Sturm

When: February 2 – August 12
Where: 21er Haus
Entry: 8€ (6€ students)

He’s one of the pioneers of performance art, and his name is Günter Brus. Because it’s his 80th birthday, the Belvedere 21 is currently hosting an exhibition to pay homage to him. In this rather comprehensive retrospective showcase, the museum will shine a light on the Austrian artist’s oeuvre (we’re so sophisticated, aren’t we?!) and the way he uses the body as a canvas, and a screen to critique society. You’ll have time until August to see this exhibition. Plus this exhibition is a super special one because the Belvedere has teamed up with the pioneering augmented reality app, Artivive and an extra dimension to the experience in which you can watch the art come to life.

Recommended if you like: fucking the society (well, not literally, but you know what we mean), being totally against the system except on Tuesdays when you visit your Oma, getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee, being a fiend for culture

Photo © eSeL.at / Belvedere Wien 2018

A celebration of Austria’s architectural great, Mr Wagner

Otto Wagner

When: March 15 – October 7, 10am–6pm
Where: Wien Museum
Entry: 10/7€

It’s been 100 years since the renowned architect, Otto Wagner died, and the Wien Museum is celebrating the man who left so many marks on Vienna. Built from the vision of his own planned, ‘City Museum,’ the museum has thrown together a comprehensive exhibition. In his day, Wagner divided opinion and was controversial as he did bold things which disregarded tradition and embraced new designs of the future. Today, his work that can be seen all over the city is very much loved. This exhibition will give you a fascinating insight into the work of this prolific architect and designer.

Recommended if you like: design and architecture, studying how a structure is built, drawing your straight lines free hand, buildings of Vienna, the U6 line, talking about architecture for hours at house parties, the idea of seeing the behind the scenes of your city