13 things to do to make your October in Vienna unforgettable

October 1, 2017

13 things to do
to make your October
in Vienna unforgettable

October 1, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's and say

Ohhhh, October – most know you just for your golden leaves and your pumpkins, but we know you’re so much more.

Here are 13 tips on how to make the most out of October in Vienna.

Get inspired at Vienna Design Week

Vienna Design Week

When: THU–SUN, September 29 – October 8
Where: All over town! Check out the program and venues here!

The Vienna Design Week is Austria’s largest design festival and has reached its 11th edition this year! For just over a week, the city becomes an open stage for design, meant to show how it is shaping our everyday lives and influences us as individuals and consumers alike. Design is defining our lifestyle, our taste and our aesthetic sense and the Vienna Design Week is here to remind us of just that. The addressed themes are very broad: from education to migration, mobility or future scenarios for living environments, this festival shows that design can open eyes and bring solutions to many day to day issues. Check their website for the complete schedule and get ready for days full of exhibitions, workshops, presentations, guided tours and talks around subjects we all care about.

Recommended if you like: graphic design, product design, having a juicer designed as a milk carton, when pretty things are useful things, wallpaper, fonts, design, getting inspired

A night at the museums

Museum hopping @ ORF Lange Nacht der Museen

When: SAT, October 7
Where: Museums all around the city. check out the website for more details!
Entry: €15 general admission tickets

Once a year, the museums are the cool kids in town and leave clubs and dance floors empty as they make crowds of people choose art and discovery over getting so smashed you pass out in the closest park on your way home. Museums and galleries open their doors (including many rarely open places) from 6 pm to 1 am for all those interested in culture. Presentations, special exhibitions and other events are happening all over town throughout the night. One ticket will ensure you the entrance into a variety of museums, so plan ahead and map out your choices to go prepared. The main museums will obviously be the busiest ones, where queues are to be expected. So, why not use the occasion to check out the smaller, more underground and unexpected amongst Vienna’s museums? Such as a hat museum or one dedicated to funerals? Get inspired by our guide of the Lesser known, weird and wonderful museums in Vienna.

Recommended if you like: art, hats, funerals, to look but not to touch, culture after dark, Saturday night at the museum, geeky weekend activities, going where everyone is going

Spend a charming day of wine & storm @ this very Viennese festival

Stürmische Tage 2017

When: SAT–SUN, October 7–8
Where: Stammersdorfer Kellergasse

The weekend of the 7th and 8th of October brings us the “Stürmische Tage“ which literally means stormy days. The other, more pleasant and more cheerful meaning implies less storms and more that of that cloudy drink that is the Sturm, a perfect combination between grape juice and wine that gets you drunk while leaving you feeling are on a detox, thanks to the wholesomeness of the grapes squeezed within. 60 gastronomies of Stammersdof are open for this event and you can see all on Kellergasse, the famous street that becomes pedestrian for this special event. There will be wine, local bites, handmade crafts and musical entertainment. Autumn in Vienna at its best!

Recommended if you like: the mix of sweet and sour, Viennese wine festivals, wine and walking, exploring the outreach of the city, making love between grape vines, sticking grapes up your nose and shooting them out at unsuspecting passers by

About the birds and the bees…but actually just the bees

Have a buzzing good time at Bienen am Himmel

When: SAT-SUN, October 7-8
Where: Am Himmel

You know what we would be without bees? Dead! That’s what!

Now if you want an explanation that sounds any more scientific than that, we suggest you check out this 2-day fair dedicated to the hardest workers among us: the bees. After a lovely hike to Am Himmel (sure, you can take the bus, but it makes for half the fun) you have the chance to learn everything about the little buz-tards, learn about their environment and habits, do geeky stuff like look through micro-cameras of a research centre, take part in quizzes, and of course, get yourself some nice sticky jars of honey and natural cosmetics (made from honey) to take home with. Sound sweet?

Recommended if you like: being alive, giving acknowledgement to the ones taken for granted, learning about nature, honey, sweets, a fair with a view, pollen, beeeeees

Fill your wardrobe with vintage sexiness at this market

Vintage Kilo Sale at CREAU

When: SAT–SUN, October 7–8
Where: CREAU

Just imagine it – vintage fashion for as far as the eye can see. The musty smell of second-hand clothes filling the air, combined with the faint scent of horse shit. This dream will come true at the beginning of next month when the Vintage Kilo Sale sets up its stalls at the horse stables turned event venue, CREAU. We love this venue, and who doesn’t love a good ol’ polkadot dress or a pair of denim overalls. Get on it!

Recommended if you like: vintage stuff, bright red lipstick, wearing hats, polka dot dresses, pressed slacks and the trumpet

The year’s best Photo journalism in one exhibition – powerful stuff!

World Press Photo Exhibition 2017: Vienna, Austria

When: FRI–THU, September 15 – October 22, 11am–7pm
Where: Westlicht
Entry: 7€ / students 5€

This exhibit is even in the calendars of those that hardly ever step foot in a gallery. With around 100 exhibitions around the world annually, the World Press Photo exhibition is the most popular traveling photo event in the world. And the poignant, moving images that are always guaranteed at this display of photojournalism’s greatest shots of the year, can be seen until the middle of October in Vienna’s Westlicht gallery. Don’t be surprised if you leave with tears in your eyes, or inspired.

Recommended if you like: pictures that say more than words, a picture speaks a thousand words, photo journalism, playing caption competitions with your exhibition buddy, being moved and inspired

Indie folk at the Arena

Ewert and the Two Dragons at Arena

When: FRI, October 13
Where: Arena
Entry: €19,50

What better way to start your weekend than with a couple of beers at a cool indie-folk concert at the legendary Arena?Ewert and the Two Dragons are in town all the way from Tallinn, Estonia to warm up the hearts with their funky, jumpy beats. The 4 musicians have been around for a few years now and know the stages of the biggest European festivals.

Get your tickets here and play the following music video for an extra taste from this talented crowd:

Recommended if you like: indie folk, discovering obscure bands from Estonia, starting your weekend at the Arena, finishing your week with Friday night live gigs, clapping your hands to the beat of the band, liquorice-flavoured condoms, dragons

Travel East without even leaving the city

Go on a travel with… Salam Orient Music and Art Festival 

When: October 17-30
Where: Various locations around Vienna. Check their website for the full program.

This festival is about faraway cultures and oriental music. Experience the sounds of the Orient, from Southern Spain, accross to Maghreb, East Africa and the Middle East…and you won’t even have to leave Vienna. It will all come together under the same roof in the form of a high brow music festival, hosted by the music venues, Porgy & Bess, Sargfabrik and the Wiener Konzerthaus. Bands from countries such as Algeria, Pakistan and Iran will be on stage, along with local bands who dedicate their tunes to oriental beats. Find all the information about tickets, locations and shows here.

Recommended if you like: oriental music, guitar strings, discovering new instruments, being open to new cultures through music, jazzy bars, unique festivals that make you look edgy

Get cultured at one of the awesome exhibitions happening this month

There’s nothing like a chilly autumn breeze to inspire you to disappear into a gallery or a museum for some inspiration and a culture fix.
We’ve stayed up into the early hours of the morning to put together a selection of the most interesting and not-to-miss exhibitions coming up this autumn in Vienna.

Recommended if you like: spending your lunch breaks in a gallery, art, daydreaming on park benches, reading rather thick books, thinking deep, slow and sensual love-making… with socks on

Coming soon to a cinema near you: The Viennale Film Festival

Viennale Film Festival 2017

When: October 19 – November 2 (see the program, here)
Where: Various locations. See the program, here.

On the big screens of Vienna’s most charming cinemas, the Viennale film festival will kick-off at the end of this month. This international film festival is always made up of a good range of local, European and international films. And half of the fun is the buzz within the foyer before the films begin. This is the one time of year our eyes go slightly rectangular and our diet becomes mainly popcorn. The full official program won’t be released until October 9, but you can get a sneak peek of what’s in store on the Viennale website. 

Recommended if you like:  films, films and more films, movie marathons before lunch, the romance of the big screen, indie films, memorising all the actors and actresses names, popcorn

Photograph the colours of autumn

As the trees lining the Ringstrasse of the old city begin to turn all kinds of colours (trees are such show-offs), this is the perfect time of year to jump on your bike and cycle the sweeping boulevards. We recommend you begin at Stadtpark and head towards the University, carry on to Schwedenplatz, and if you still have the energy, ride on and disappear into the Prater park which is full of those show-off trees. We’ve made a super cool list (well, atleast we think so) of the perfect spots for autumn walks in Vienna where you’ll find heaps of brown and gold inspiration for your gram’ gallery. Check it out, here!

A legendary party in a new location

FM4 Unlimited in the Wiener Prater

When: FRI, October 20
Where: Pratersauna & VIE i PEE
Entry: Early bird tickets starting at €10

Do you remember the FM4 Unlimited parties that were happening in the Rathaus over the last 8 years? This year, the fun and good vibes remain, but the location changes to the Wiener Prater. The 6 stages will be shared between the Pratersauna and the VIE i PEE club, all accessible with one ticket. The party starts with some warm-up breakdance sessions and a Red Bull motor racing on Friday afternoon, and will continue with DJ gigs ‘til the early hours of the next morning. The music is, as always, very eclectic, brought to your ears by some quirky live acts, along with international radio hosts and local DJ crews such as Heimlich or Tanz durch den Tag. Read more about the line-up, the schedule and tickets here!

Recommended if you like: the gang at FM4, big-ass party where you can choose your room by music, frisky business in the bushes of the park, gin and tonic, pretty headbands

Kiss a goblin on Halloween

When: TUE, October 31
Where: Keep an eye on our page for a guide on how to spend Halloween in Vienna!

This American tradition has slowly caught on over the years in Vienna, and there will be plenty of Halloween parties to dress up for on the last day of October. If you’ve always dreamt of going home and getting it on with a green goblin, or chubaka, this may be your chance. Be sure to check back on Vienna Würstelstand for your guide on where to party on Halloween in Vienna.

But don’t miss out on this unique spooky experience:

Halloween 2017 – ein Abenteuer im Wiener Prater
TUE, October 31
Where: Prater, 1020

The Prater fairground will become a horror show for three days. There will be all sorts of people running around in spooky costumes, a DJ lineup everyday, and a Halloween parade and some kind of strange ritual called ‘the burning of the Calafati.’ Goosebumps all over, already.