12 things to do to fill your January with joy in Vienna

December 30, 2017

12 things to do
to fill your January
with joy in Vienna

December 30, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's and say

So Christmas is over, the new year has begun, you’re all full of hope and the possibilities feel endless. Nothing can stop you (besides those grey skies lurking about). Whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, we suggest you add to them – ‘Make the most out of Vienna…and life.’

Here are 12 things to do around the city to help you do just that in January:  

Header photo by Tim Praschberger

For the love of the bean

Vienna Coffee Festival 2018

When: FRI–SUN, January 12–14 (check out the program, here)
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei

This one’s for the lovers of the bean! For those that want to bathe themselves in the brown nectar of the Gods! Ok, we’re getting a bit carried away – maybe we’ve had one too many coffees already today. Anyhow, this is the 3rd time round for the Vienna Coffee Festival which will be showcasing Vienna’s budding artisan coffee scene. Coffee battles, workshops, demonstrations of how the bean becomes bliss – this is all in the program. Find more details, here. 

Plus: there will also be a vinyl market happening at the brewery at the same time!

Recommended if you like: love hearts drawn in your coffee, instagram worthy coffee, Flat Whites at breakfast, talking about coffee paraphernalia, worshipping the craft of coffee

A party that will take you from the 90s to the naughties

Wannabe – Crazy 90’S + 00’S Party / 19th Jan Titanic

When: FRI, Jan 19, 11pm
Where: Club Titanic
Entry: 8€ before midnight and 10€ after

‘Wannabe in the pinkiest mist of craziness?
Then zig-a-zig ahh, baby. Your time has come.’

The Facebook event description ends with this, and we’re pretty sure you’re curiosity will end with this. Yep, it seems that those 90s and naughties parties are going to continue into 2018, with this one at the veteran of a club, Titanic, being the biggest of the bunch. Some say that the 90s were sexy, while others say that they were a nightmare, both in fashion and music. Whatever be your stance, we know secretly you’ve been waiting for this moment to dance once again to the Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls in public.

Recommended if you like: Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, Bryan Adams, the 80s and 90s fashion trends that are back, fluorescent tank tops, Mario Kart

FM4’s legendary birthday party goes off

Das FM4 Geburtstagsfest 2018

When: SAT, Jan 20, 8pm
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: 8€ before midnight and 10€ after

The funky crowd from the beloved radio station FM4 will be celebrating their birthday in the second half of the month, and as usual, they’re hauling in some mighty talented music acts to celebrate with them. Check out more details, here.

Recommended if you like: listening to FM4, having sex dreams about Riem Higazi and Stuart Freeman, having your nipples licked, sex with your socks on, parties at the Ottakringer brewery

Be in the crowd when the pioneer of Trip Hop hits the WUK stage

Tricky at WUK

When: TUE, January 23, 7pm
Where: WUK
Entry: 30€ (buy tickets, here)

The English record producer, vocalist, and musician, Tricky is in da’ house ladies and gents! Well, he’ll be in Vienna this month, anyways. If you know his tunes, you know how talented this guy is, and how his talent has him creating songs that will move you in some way or another. If you don’t know who this pioneer of trip hop music is, you should, so get listening:

Recommended if you like: moody tunes, trip hop, hip hop, reggae, smoking’ da wacky tabacky, nights out on a school night

A blue, bold and bamboozling international hit performance 

Blue Man Group

When: January 24–28
Where: Wiener Stadthalle

They’re known around the world for their talented, yet odd, performances, and for good reason. The Blue Man Group is going to be in town this month, with their act that combines many different categories of music and art, both popular and obscure. Wearing blue masks, these three guys go out on stage in an energetic performance. They’ll be at the Stadthalle this month if you want to check out why they’ve held ongoing shows in big cities since they began.

Fun fact: In their first performance, the three men wore blue masks and led a street procession that included the burning of a Rambo doll and a piece of the Berlin Wall

Recommended if you like: the colour blue, musicals, being wowed, men in masks, quirky art, flying down a highway in a old car, Broadway and Berlin

Take up a daily ritual

The grey sky, early nightfall and puddles on the pavement are enough to get anybody down in the long winter’s month of January. Getting back to basics and learning to appreciate the small things again can be a good way of fighting back those winter blues. One way of doing this is by taking up a daily ritual.

 A few Würstelstand suggestions:
+ Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual and enjoy a coffee/tea/cigarette in silence, either reading the newspaper, staring out your window or writing your thoughts down.
+ Walk to work/uni or go for a walk in the lunch break
+ Regular sex
+ Switch off the computer atleast an hour before bedtime.

Rock out at this one-of-a-kind Nordic Music festival 

Ja Ja Ja Festival Vienna 2018

When: FRI, January 26, 7pm–2am
Where: WUK

If you don’t know it, the Ja Ja Ja music festival is when a bunch of kick-ass bands fly in from the icy cold Nordic and take to the stages of the WUK, where they warm up the Vienna crowds with their fine indie pop/rock tunes. Unique sounds to be found here, indeed. More details can be found, here. Meanwhile, here’s a taste of the headliners:

And that’s just a taste…

Recommended if you like: discovering music from different parts of the world, the style of the Nordic nations, moody music, making shapes out of clouds, day dreaming

Ballet from the street…ummm, we’d like to see how that’s done

The Nutcracker reloaded – Tchaikovksy meets Streetdance

When: January 23–28
Where: Museumsquartier Halle E

This would make any culture snob vomit and drop their monocle in their lap – what we have here is an interesting attempt by the famed Swedish choreographer, Fredrik Rydman, take ye’ old classic ballet, Nutcraker, and do his own remix with it. This will be no doubt the most modern interpretation of the classic you’ve ever seen. In it, classical music will mix with pop and Hip Hop, while dances create magic with their bodies on stage by mixing ballet and street dance. This is surely something worth seeing. Good old Frederik’s first go at doing a modern take like this, Swan Lake Reloaded,’ was a hit!

Recommended if you like: the ballet, stopping to watch breakdancers on the street, experiencing something different, when old classics are recycled and recreated

Go ice skating!

There’s no other feeling like it – the cold on your face, a red nose, gliding over the ice, and on occasion falling in a puddle of melted ice. Get your skates on and visit one of the ice skating rinks around Vienna. We especially recommend checking out the ice skating rink at Rathausplatz, opening on the 19th January. But if that’s too much kitsch for you, here’s a list of where you can ice skate in Vienna.

One of Austria’s greatest photographers gives a talk about his life as a photographer

Andreas H. Bitesnich “Fotograf”

When: WED, January 24, 6pm
Where: LIK Akademie für Foto und Design

One of the greatest photographers to work with the monochrome image to come out of Austria is giving a talk near the end of this month about his life as a photographer. This guy is well known for making abstract shapes out of the naked human body, or simply by taking nudes in a poignant way. In the academy of photo and design in the 7th district, he’ll be giving all who attend a peek behind the scenes at the man behind the work.

Recommended if you like: hearing about the lives of true artists, nude photography, being inspired, reading biographies, the smell of petrol

Fleamarket by moonlight

Mondscheinbazar Wiener Nachtflohmarkt #17

When: SAT, January 27, 5pm–11pm
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: 3€ (but if you want a stand go here)

The MoodscheinBazaar always offers something a little bit more romantic than your normal flea market experience, and this Saturday, people will be filling the old beer brewery of the 16th with the hum of a good ol fleamarket hunt. As always, there will also be a buznch of food trucks to go with the hunting, and a few spots to get a drink. The industrial, multi-storey setting always makes for a funky spot to spend your evening browsing, eating and drinking.

Recommended if you like: shopping in the moon light,  hanging around the brewery, unique locations, bargaining for a t-shirt, sandwiches from food trucks, sustainable living

Get to work on the Winter bucket list

Ok people, if you haven’t done atleast half of the things on Vienna Würstelstand’s ultimate winter bucket list before the end of January, well ,we might just have to call Omi Margaret to have a stern word with you, and a spanking. We could imagine she’d say something like this – Stop complaining about the cold weather, and get your ass outside and play in the snow! Check out the only winter bucket list for Vienna you’ll need, here.