10 things to do to make your February fantastic in Vienna

January 30, 2017

10 things to do
to make your
February fantastic
in Vienna

January 30, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's and say

It may be the shortest of all the months, but it’s got plenty to offer. Shake off that winter fatigue with these 10 tips of what to do to make you’re February fantastic in Vienna:


Because waltz isn’t the only way to dance

Go to an alternative Viennese Ball

When walking around central Vienna in January and February, you will very often encounter people slightly overdressed for a regular night out. Well, if the overdressed outfit implies a tuxedo or a gown, chances are these people are going to a Viennese Ball, where they drink fancy drinks from fancy glasses, dance the waltz and pretend the Habsburgs will show up any minute now. Yes, the Balls in the Hofburg and other palace-like locations have been around ever since white, curly toupées were a thing, and like many things in this city, they haven’t changed much. Still, every year some alternative events pop up piggybacking these balls, in alternative locations, with less rules and a more present-day atmosphere. Like these, for example:

Vienna Burning Ball 

When: SAT, February 3rd
WhereCafé & Schloss Cobenzl

This one is a yearly event, always organised around this time of the year and inspired by the the famous Burning Man Festival in the US. Their themes and decorations are always mysterious and somewhat dark, and this year the location which is the Schloss Cobenzl, should add to the mystical atmosphere. Every attendee is expected not to be just a simple guest, but a participant, and create something, or add to the event through self-expression. Be sure you visit the organiser’s website and read through (and respect) the 10 principles behind the event, since this is not a regular party, but rather a night dedicated to inclusion, participation and….’lucid insanity.’

Good to know…Oh, and make sure you secure your membership prior to the event, since you can’t buy tickets on the spot.


Wiener Flüchtlingsball – The Refugee Ball

When: SAT, February 24
Where: Rathaus

The Viennese Refugee Ball is hosted in one of our favourite party locations in town: the city hall / Rathaus. Its generous space will be hosting the biggest world music party around, with beats alternating from Gypsy Punk to Hungarian speed-Funk, some Jazzy vibes, lots of Folklore tunes and many other weird and wonderful mixes that will get the crowd up and dancing for hours. If you want to celebrate diversity, inclusion and simply being human in today’s world, make sure to get your tickets here and have a mighty good time!

Recommended if you like: when old meets new, traveling, trying something different, when finally a unique kind of party turns up in town

A party for the Don Draper and 1950s in all of us

Swell time – A Mad Men night out
When: SAT, February 10th
Where: Gartenbau Kino

Get ready to dress up and swing that Tanzbein at this very retro event happening in the cool-looking foyer of the Gartenbaukino this February. The crew behind the Swell Time events are celebrating 7 years of vintage fashion and swing parties and will be dedicating this Mad Men inspired anniversary to the golden ’50s and ’60s. So, put your best bowtie and suspenders on, or alternatively your polka-dots/floral motif dresses, and join this dancing crowd for a night of old-fashioned cocktails and chain-smoking. Oh, and since it’s an anniversary edition the first 100 tickets cost 9€ instead of 11€ (which really isn’t much of a favour but yeah…). Do buy tickets ahead, since everything “swing” in Vienna tends to sell out quick.

Recommended if you like: living in the past, binging series on advertising in the old days, vintage clothing, elaborate hair styles, wearing a suit to a party, old-fashioned cocktails, dancing, special locations, dressing up, false nostalgia.

Klimt meets virtual reality

Klimt’s Magic Garden – A virtual reality experience

When: TUE, February 6, 7pm – 10pm
Where: MAK

This year celebrates Gustav Klimt, Austria’s most acclaimed artist, in a whole new light. The secession legend died exactly 100 years ago and to mark this, the MAK will host a very special kind of pioneering exhibition: the artist’s work in the dining room belonging to the Stoclet House in Brussels inspired a new world expressed in a virtual reality experiment that transports the visitor into an interactive film journey in a very Klimt-esque-like setting. Klimt’s Magic Garden will be hosted at the MAK until April 22nd, and promises to be an immersive experience with impressive technology.

Recommended if you like: art, Gustav Klimt, then & now, experiments, immersive stuff, inception, escaping your own reality, secession, being part of the talk of town, tech stuff, enhanced art

Eat til’ you drop…and then eat a little more

Go for a looooong brunch

When: On any given weekend day in February and beyond
Where: At these selected and tried out locations

What’s nicer on a winter’s weekend morning than getting up late, pulling your coat over your pyjamas and walking to your favourite brunch place to read a paper, chat with old friends and watch young parents do daytime drinking while their children run around unsupervised. Plus, the thing that’s at the heart of this experience – the food – it comes in endless supplies. Sounds like a Sunday dream? Them look into our list of favourite bottomless brunch locations around Vienna and make a reservation, because they do tend to be popular and fill up quickly on weekends!

Recommended if you like: eating until you drop, Sunday Funday, reserving a place 2 weeks in advance, eggs, drinking too much coffee, mimosas, really good food, variety, friends and family, cosy locations. lazy outings

Fun in the snow

Let’s all say it together: Dear weather-gods, be good to us and let it snow! Even though this ancient spell has worked for years, in this city we can never be sure how long the white wonder will last (approximately three hours). So our advice: If you see snow, let everything else be and run outside for some of that fantastic winter wonderland fun. Even though you don’t really need an excuse for behaving like a kid during the rest of the year – in those rare occasions even strangers might join in on running around in the snow, building snowmen, and making snow-angels. We love it! Also head out to the ski spots nearby, or go ice skating! We’ve made up an article for you on where to go ice skating in Vienna – check it out, here!

Recommended if you like: going numb in your bum, ice skating, skiing, any kind of sport in the snow, how you look in a ski suit, days in the mountains

Concerts to catch this month

Vienna’s music scene is especially kicking this February. So you don’t miss out, we’ve made a selection of the concerts we think are unmissable happening this month in Vienna and you can check it our here.

Recommended if you like: sweating in a mosh pit, forearm tattoos, living for the music, spending your last few bucks on a concert rather than food, collecting records, partying like mad

Crazy Carneval, the fun of Fasching

Wild, crazy, colourful, fun-filled carneval – we are happy to have you back! We wouldn’t miss a chance to play dress-up for anything in the world, and neither should you. Whether you shake your ass in a David Bowie costume in a club or intend on being a drunk unicorn at a house-party – this is the time of the year to let lose and simply have fun. And on top of that, delicious jam-filled Faschingskrapfen can be found at every other corner of this city. Oops, we just accidentally started drooling.

If you are lucky enough to have the time to travel to one of the traditional Faschingsumzüge in the rural parts of Austria, you should definitely go for it. Seeing those artfully crafted costumes and masks and wild figures who are trying to scare the winter away really is an experience of its own kind.

Tip: Many clubs offer a discount of entry if you come in costume – all the more reason to get in character!

A Fasching party we recommend:

Das große Volksgarten Faschingsfest!

When: TUE, February 13, 11am–6am
Where: Volksgarten, Burgring, 1010
Entry: 13 € (with costume 8€)

Recommended if you like: getting dressed up, living another life, the crazy fun of Fasching, beer and bretzl, country-side mischief, fun for the sake of having fun

Enjoy being single, or in love this month on Valentines Day

In China, there’s a day in the month of November on which unattached bachelors and bachelorettes celebrate being single. It’s one seriously big festival. Now, while we don’t know if it’s official and if UNESCO has endorsed it (wink, wink), somebody has declared on the world wide web that February 13 (not an accident this is the day before Valentines day) is the World Single day.

We’d suggest (which we’d suggest for every month) celebrate being single for the whole of February in whatever way makes you happy, whether it be waking up in different persons bed every Sunday morning, or just dancing like mad in your living room to your favourite music while enjoying being alone.

However, if you’ve found the love of your life, hold them tight, make love to them several times, and perhaps indulge in something special. We’ll be sure to post an article summarising the best Valentine’s day events happening around the city.

Recommended if you like: Barry White, making love on a bear rug, lotsa’ sex time, being single, being madly in love, candle-lit dinner, composing love songs for yourself or your lover

Check out some of the past stars of Vienna’s art scene @ Leopold

Wien um 1900: Klimt – Moser – Gerstl – Kokoschka

When: January 18 – April 10, 10am–6pm
Where: Leopold Museum
Entry: 13€/9€/8€

To celebrate the anniversary year of Viennese Modernism, the Leopold Museum has gathered together works of all the main protagonists in the movement, including Klimt and Moser. And they’ve put them up on the wall alongside the world-renowned Expressionists,  Gerstl and Kokoschka. To make the exhibition a well-rounded experience, they have also collected outstanding examples of design, from furniture to posters from the era of the Wiener Werkstätte.

Recommended if you like: Expressionists, Jugendstil, Wiener Werkstätte, art history books, practicing your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art, Secessionists, any of the above listed artists

Have your tastebuds try something different

Next time you’re trying to think of where to go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you start to give up and are on the verge of deciding to settle on an old favourite where you end up every second week, slap yourself in the face (this is not actually necessary), grab your phone, or jump onto your laptop, and type in viennawurstelstand.com. Since the end of last year, we began featuring one super special food or drink place per week that we think you’d love (recommendations for reviews are welcome!) in our regular article series, Hot this Week, featured on our home page. If you want to be kept up to date with the funky new places opening up, and get the insider tips on where the best dining spots are in this fine city, simply sign up to our newsletter (you can do this just below in the footer of this page!) and we’ll take care of the rest!

Recommended if you like: being the first to try new places in the city, dining out several times a week, living to eat rather than eating to live, having hundreds of different Spotify lists