Find Vienna’s best breakfast and brunch spots

The best brunch or breakfast places for sunny mornings in Vienna

August 9, 2017

9 cafes and restaurants serving up tasty breakfasts in beautiful outdoor gardens ... read more

The (secret) Garten Cafe: your summer oasis of calm

August 4, 2017

Garten Cafe is a place like no other in Vienna, perhaps even the world, and it's not even trying. ... read more

A very special royal brunch at Hotel Stefanie

October 24, 2016

There's a lady named Frau Walter, who has been coming to eat at Hotel Stefanie every day, for the la ... read more

11 of your favourite breakfast spots in Vienna

October 24, 2016

We asked the people of Vienna where their favourite breakfast spot is in the city and these 11 place ... read more

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