Vienna-based instagrammers to follow that will inspire you for the new year

January 9, 2018

instagrammers to
follow that will inspire
you for the new year

January 9, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

In need of a feed of instant inspiration? We suggest you turn to these Vienna-based Instagrammers who are doing creative and different things on their feeds.



Inspiration factor: to pay attention to detail, see the beauty in the simple and to find your own perspective.



Inspiration factor: To be loud and bold and love the pastel colours, especially pinks. To be artistic and creative in your everyday life.



Inspiration factor: to pay attention to the details of Vienna, and to love the neighbourhood where live and make it your own.


Inspiration factor: To be odd and enter the realm of strange to find beauty where others don’t.



Inspiration factor: to travel, to smile at stranger’s smiles, to live the adventure.



Inspiration factor: to dress and speak boldly, to love life with a sneer, to make Youtube videos and to simply put your beautiful self out there.



Inspiration factor: to find design everywhere, to pay attention to details and make ordinary things beautiful.



Inspiration factor: to be honest with your photography, to travel to exotic places you’ve only seen on a map, to be drawn out of your comfort zone by your wonder of the world



Inspiration factor: That smile



Inspiration factor: to make the most out of your Vienna…and life, to look out for and appreciate the colourful characters of Vienna, to laugh…often



Inspiration factor: to travel and live large, to look for colours and contrast everyday



Inspiration factor: to travel, to discover the funky places in Vienna more, to be colourful, to love life



Inspiration factor: to be adventurous, to see the city from another perspective, to venture into the night, not only to look for the light but to look for the right light, to climb rather tall buildings



Inspiration factor: to remember that’life is a journey, not a race,’ to tell bots on Instagram to get F****, to travel



Inspiration factor: to be fascinated in people of all kinds, to listen, to learn from others

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