The 10 most stalk-able Vienna Instagrammers to spend time with this holiday season

December 13, 2016

The 10 most
stalk-able Vienna
Instagrammers to spend
time with this
holiday season

December 13, 2016

Vienna Würstelstand's says

There’s no need to leave the house during the holidays as you can venture out through your phone or laptop with the beautiful images from these talented stalk-able Instagrammers. Our photographer, Gioia, has chosen her favourite 10 Viennese Instagrammers that she’s obsessed with and suggests you spend time with this lazy season.


@v.for.vertigo has been inspiring ‘wows!’ from us with every new post since the Vienna-based Instagrammer started appearing on our feeds some weeks ago.



There’s a photographer behind the instagram account @jahansaber capturing and sharing beautiful images of nature from his travels in Austria. All we want to do is jump in a car with him and see what he sees.



When we scroll through the @moodification Instagram feed, it’s a bit like looking through a story of mystery. Dark imagery, dramatically captured and hidden personalities are the tone of @moodification’s photos.



@fabolus_vienna is like an owl, watching our city from the rooftops at night. Read our interview with @fabolus_vienna here and discover perspectives on Vienna you’ve never seen before.



Vienna-based @ladyvenom’s travel photos will make you want to be everywhere you are not, as they take you around the globe, one incredible photo at a time. You can discover romantic shots of Austrian ski slopes one week and images from paradise in Palm Spring the following week. Read our interview with @ladyvenom, here.



Vienna-based photographer @misterflopatrick captures Vienna’s cityscapes, his travels through Austria and the people he meets along the way with a perfect symmetry to every shot.



The Ecuadorian-born photographer based now in Vienna @Chaulafanita depicts her love for the city in her beautiful shots. These images make Vienna seem like a warm paradise, even in the freezing cold.



@rudolfsheim_fuenfhaus is all about the 15th district, with the Instagram account shooting and posting shots from a Viennese neighbourhood that often stands forgotten. After getting to know this eclectic district through @rudolfsheim_fuenfhaus’s feed, Check out our article on the top things to do in the 15th district, here.



@thissoz posts has a personal approach to her feed which shares the best of Vienna and her travels. It’s a great feed to discover great restaurants, museums and bathrooms around the city and abroad.



The two sisters from the @viennainsider blog, photograph their way through food, landscapes and street photography in Vienna, always capturing a feel-good and inspiring vibe.



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