7 Viennese sayings that make absolutely no sense in English

September 5, 2017

7 Viennese sayings
that make absolutely
no sense in English

September 5, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

As you might already know, the Viennese dialect is filled to the brim with distinct expressions and sayings that are very tough to translate into another language.
Here are some of the most iconic, and weirdest ones we’ve come by:


Literal translation: I didn’t swim here through noodle soup.
Meaning: You can’t fool me. Seriously. The Viennese have age-old wisdom of the connotation between eating noodles and being witty.


Literal translation: Jump into the mud and cause ripples.
Meaning: Leave me alone. The abbreviation would be “Hupf in Gatsch.”. The phrase also made its entry into pop music, thanks to the late and great Georg Danzer:

Literal translation: For me, you’re at home in a butt.
Meaning: I don’t give a damn about you.


Literal translation: Listen, don’t shit on yourself.
Meaning: Dude, don’t sweat it. See how helpful the Viennese are? They even try to keep their fellows from staining their clothes with fecal matter.


Literal translation: Better than getting hit in the head with a stone.
Meaning: It could be worse. When a situation looks bad, this sentence comes in handy.


Literal translation: Hallo is already dead and is lying next to Heast.
Meaning: Choose a different way of addressing me. Instead of only using “Hallo” and “Heast,” people who use this saying are expressing how they’d like to be addressed by their actual name.


Literal translation: I hope you’ll explode.
Meaning: Bless you. A very subtle, slightly passive-agressive way of wishing somebody well after sneezing.

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