How Vienna is dying, in 4 lively infographics

October 28, 2016

How Vienna
is dying, in 4
lively infographics

October 28, 2016

Vienna Würstelstand's says

How are the people of Vienna dying? While this question has the force of a strong cold Viennese wind, and the feeling of sitting inside a deserted Stephansdom on a quiet night, this city’s always had a curiosity in death.

The Viennese are famous for their intimate relationship with the grim reaper. It’s often found lurking in their black brand of comedy in which they have their tongue well and truly planted in death’s ear. So we thought we’d visually represent a few fun facts (warning: high levels of radioactive sarcasm present) about death in Vienna.

Find out in which district the most people are dying, where people are dying the youngest in the city, alongwith the most common causes of death in Vienna in these 4 sweet inforgraphics:

It’s no surprise that people are living a little longer (on average) in two of the most affluent districts of the city, however, what’s quite incredible and reflective on the quality of life in our fine city, is the similar average age of death, regardless of the district. Another interesting find is that the wealthy city center finds itself dying younger than many other districts.

A Viennese friend of ours said to another friend when they announced they’d be moving to one of the outer districts with their young family – “What?! Your life as you know it is over!”
The facts above lend truth to this statement, it seems. We’re just joking – many of the outlying districts have the largest populations living in them, which may more accurately explain the highers number of deaths.

Notice how the only cause of death in which women exceed men considerably is ‘circulatory disease’ aka. heart attack, stroke etc.? We’re sure a qualified scientist would suggest this is caused by men exceeding women in the ‘pain in the ass’ index. We’re just kidding. We love men, women, ponies and unicorns.

This graphic can only suggest that most people in Vienna are living long and happy lives, and that most are dying of old age. Good news for us!


This was a date driven piece of journalism brought to you by Mathias Zojer. Graphics by the talented Sofie Mayer.

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