Hot Rod City Tour: race go-karts around Vienna’s streets

September 14, 2016

Hot Rod City Tour:
race go-karts around
Vienna's streets

September 14, 2016

Vienna Würstelstand's says

It really shouldn’t be legal, but we’re so glad it is. The rumble of the steering wheel isn’t the only reason we were shaking when driving on Vienna’s city streets a couple of inches from the ground in a miniature hot rod, with a tram bearing down on us, but this experience can be summed up in one, high-pitched – GOD DAMN WHAT A RUSH!

Vienna’s relaxed road rules allow for this unique two-hour tour, which combines a bit of sightseeing with the chance to live out your Grand Prix fantasy. The little go-karts of Hot Rod City Tour have grunt, capable of reaching up to 60kph. You won’t be able to resist stretching this little beasts legs when you feel and hear the rumble beneath you, and your guide says, ‘Ok, let’s ride.’

We felt like Nicholas Cage in 'Gone in 60 seconds' when taking the corners of Vienna's Ringstrasse boulevard around the old city center. And we felt just as famous, as, without fail, we managed to catch the glances of hundreds of pedestrians who snapped photos of us from smart phones as we paraded by.

And we giggled – until the giggle became more like an evil villain’s laugh – as we bounced over the cobblestones of the 1st district and the Stephansdom steeples revealed themselves from behind a building.

But that’s enough words – here’s a spoiler revealing why this awesome experience made us go ‘WEEEEEEEEE!’ on wheels:

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