Breakfast Instagrammed: Visit Die Liebe, for the love of Brunch!

May 1, 2016

Breakfast Instagrammed:
Visit Die Liebe,
for the love
of Brunch!

May 1, 2016

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Die Liebe is capturing brunch and breakfast diehard’s hearts. The indoor artisan food market within which this restaurant is housed, die Marktwirtschaft (read all about it, here), takes food as seriously as a we take the “limited time only” clause on life, so we expect big things wandering in half-asleep on a Saturday morning.

And die Liebe delivers the goods. The breakfast food matches the place’s face – wholesome, lively and delivered with the obvious intention to make you feel like you’re in a food paradise, where everything is grown locally, packaged beautifully, and consumed healthily.

They serve their eggs benedict with perfectly poached eggs, that when poked, cooperate splendidly with a sour and creamy Hollandaise sauce. The hidden layer of leg ham and thick cut toast do their part too.

We want to curl up on the fluffy pancakes topped with banana and peanut butter and fall back to sleep. Until the sugar rush kicks in, that is. Meanwhile, the Brits’ breakfast bastard child, bacon and eggs – while still lacking the hearty thick, fatty bacon that we long for every time we order this dish – is cleanly executed with full flavours that make us forget about the artery clogging Brit bacon we’re missing out on.

The airy, bright and vibrant setting of die Liebe is exactly the kind of place you want to be with your weekend brunch. And the market, when busy, also adds an extra buzz in the air that’s desirable when you’re starting a new day slowly.

die Liebe’s breakfast menu expands into a brunch one on the weekend, which sees a few more dishes added to the standard breakfast menu and is served all day (until 4pm). And there’s also a brunch drink’s list attached that encourages you to combine your coffee with the integral ingredient that makes brunch more than a sad late breakfast – booze (Prosecco, or Weissbier (Wheat beer). While we’d also recommend ordering the Bialetti (classic Moka pot espresso coffee) if you’re in need of a hangover zing!

While the mélange and cappuccino we order are missing the creamy and bitter bang of a talented barista, the beans are sourced from the talented Vienna-based coffee roaster, Rösterei Fürth.

The secret in die Liebe’s flavoursome food is all around you, and lining the shelves of the neighbouring food market – the regionally sourced, fresh ingredients. From the Schinken (cold-cut meat) and cheese selection, to the eggs, they pride themselves here on being able to tell you the story of the food they’re feeding you.

And while you’re in the healthy and organic mood, you’ll be tempted to pop into the often bustling market that houses the restaurant, and pick up some of the fresh bread, coffee or other artisan food up for sale from small-time food producers in Austria.

The personable service, which involved plenty of the fresh and beautiful smiles from the staff, including one of the chefs who brought a dish to our table, is also what makes this place an all-round inspiring experience to wake up with in the morning.

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