Artist photographs absurd art exhibited in an abandoned building in Vienna: 15 pictures

July 18, 2016

Artist photographs
absurd art exhibited
in an abandoned
building in Vienna:
15 pictures

July 18, 2016

Vienna Würstelstand's says

We visited OFF IS – a guerilla gallery pop up in Vienna exhibiting bizarre art upcycled out of scrap material, in an abandoned building about to be recycled. We made art photography out of the exhibition’s art.

OFF IS has made a pop-up gallery art space our of an abandoned building this summer. The space is filled with bizarro, abstract, absurd contemporary art in a show created and curated by Angela Stief.  Angela specialises in exhibiting in unorthodox spaces the work of artists she personally handpicks.

The decrepit 1000m² office space – which is set to be transformed into a modern apartment complex in Autumn – makes for the perfect setting for such an exhibit, and actually turned out to be the main inspiration point for the show. Upon our visit to OFF-IS, the experience of the quirk and craze of the exhibit went something like a steam train shooting into one of our nostrils, snaking around our brain, bumping into our sense receptors for a while, before exiting via the other nostril.

The random art pieces and their provocative motives, topped by a surprisingly late night disco and a large (ass) selection of alcohol, made for an evening of dancing off-beat with people in silver-sparkling jackets.
A lot of the art is a works of upcycling from scrap materials, in a building which is being recycled as we speak.

Here is a photo story of pieces that captured us most.

Sofia Goscinski, Sunshine Depression (2016)

Christian Eisenberger, Pinocchio was not here (2016)

Sofia Goscinski, Mouth (2016)

Sven Sachsalber, Chair (Hommage to Kolo Moser) (2016)


Jannis Varelas, Sleeper (2016)

Renate Bertlmann, Desert (1999)

Lucas Zallmann, I see blue skies (2015)

Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller, Pink Thoughts No. 7 (2016)
Toni Schmale, Bettwurst (2014)

Dejan Dukic, 3D Vodka, Serie: Backwards Painting (2016)

Kris Lemsalu, Full Time Friend Erik (2015)

Martin Grandits, Eiermann (2015)

Claudia Maerzendorfer, Ersatzteile

Sasha Auerbakh, Die Ausstellung (2014)


Lucas Zallmann, The Ende (2015)

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