7 breathtaking photos showing Vienna in a whole new light

November 5, 2017

7 breathtaking photos
showing Vienna in a
whole new light

November 5, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Instagrammer and photographer @naikon_ captures Vienna in a thousand different lights.

Here are 7 of his breaktaking photos:

1. If you’re from another place in the world, how did you end up in Vienna?
I moved to Vienna for studying and now I’m taking photos of the city.

2. Describe your style in 9 words, or less.
Symmetry, nightcrawling, unknown perspectives.

3. What equipment do you use to photograph with?
I use a Canon 6D and mostly a 16–35mm F2.8 and 35mm F1.4

4. Name three of your favourite locations to shoot?
Rooftops, the streets of Vienna, and in nature.

5. Tell us about your art – your motifs and subjects.
I mainly focus on finding my own style. I’m working every day to improve my skills.

6. Do you collaborate with other photographers? How did this all start?
Mostly I collaborate with people on Instagram. I meet new guys with the same interests and together we explore new locations.

7. Did Instagram change how you see the world?
Yes, definitely. I see things differently now and I’m always searching for the perfect shot. Now I never leave the house without my camera.

8. Who’s your favourite Instagram artist?
There are so many good Instagrammers out there but @_xlr8r_ and @jason_x1n are currently two that inspire me.

9. What’s your favourite place in Vienna?
My apartment 🙂 or if I’m not at home, the lovely streets of this city.

10. What does Vienna mean to you and how has it influenced your work?
Vienna has a great history and therefore influences me every day. You can always discover new corners of this great city.

11. What’s your background photo on your phone?
A shot I took from a crane.

12. Anything else you want to add?
Go out and shoot as much as you can! Pics, that is.

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