15 signs how freezing f**** cold it was this wintry week in Vienna

March 2, 2018

15 signs how
freezing f**** cold
it was this wintry
week in Vienna

March 2, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Vienna just experienced its coldest week of winter this year.

Here are 14 signs how icy it was, which are also 14 reason why winter should cut it out already.


1. Icicles hanging from the buildings are starting to style themselves into something that looks kinda’ like bangs


2. Those Russian-looking fur hats are even more in fashion


3. Actually, who are we kidding: there’s no room for fashion in -10 degree temperatures


4. The poor food delivery bike riders are at risk of being fined under the Burqa ban


5. You’re tipping your bike food delivery guy/gal abnormally large amounts to ease the guilt you feel when they arrive with the pizza you ordered, because it was too cold to get out of the cosy and warm Wonder Woman pyjamas you’re wearing


6. People are writing things like below in the comments of Vienna Würstelstand’s event guide posts


7. People aren’t bumping into each other on the street as frozen fingers are stopping them from texting on their phone while walking


8. Everybody looks like a walking marshmallow


9. The pavement and the road has turned white


10. This advertisement for the Tichy ice creamery inspires very mixed emotions


11. Instead of trying to avoid contact on the U-Bahn, people are sitting next to each other and secretly cuddling a little


12. The U-Bahn is constantly packed with people in big coats


13. Single orphan hand gloves are scattered around the city


14. People are expressing their frustration with the season on random cars


15. Diehard Austrians finally had a chance to pull these sexy socks out of their sock drawers

Picture by the talented Instagrammer @mimimimster


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