We’re young, we’re sexy, our content is our mojo, and our audience is growing fast. Make the most out of it!

Vienna Würstelstand speaks to a community of around 45,000+ people monthly, making it the leading English-speaking digital publication in Vienna. We put a lot of love, passion and creativity into our content, and when talking with the community that Vienna Würstelstand interacts with on a daily basis.

We like to think we know how to speak to our audience in a language they understand – by simply being our authentic selves. During our short life, we as digital natives, have become a touch-point and influencer for Vienna’s millennials, international community, digital individualists and urbanites. And we aim to help inspire all of them to make the most out of Vienna…and life.

We love working with forward-thinking partners to create dynamic – and unexpected – online experiences that bring their brand closer to their audience. Some people get a kick from jumping out of a plane, we get excited about making shareable content that people choose to spend their time with. 

For all bold, brave and beautiful cooperation inquiries, send us over an email: advertise@viennawurstelstand.com


Check out what other commercial opportunities are possible with the creators of Vienna Würstelstand, here. 

All of our services can be provided in both English and German.

Oh, and one more thing – Every proposal that leaves our office, big and small, is custom-tailored to our brand partners, and boy do we have some creative ideas for you